Are my nude yoyo pumps defective?

  1. I love these, but I wore them once (and beside my feet killing me), the heel grip didn't stay in place. It kept turning when I walked. It was so annoying. Then I took it out and glued it and thought that was it. Well, as I walk in them around the house (trying to stretch them since they are a bit, I notice the dang heel thingy is turning again. Dude, these were $540 plus tax. So would you take them back to Saks? Is this a defect? Do I ask for another pair or for them to repair it? Do you think a cobbler can fix it or will it always turn if the metal inside is stripped, ya know? What do you think???
  2. could you take some pics of the yoyos?
  3. You can't really tell in this picture, but they are turned to the left. I don't want to touch them too much, so I don't make it worse, but they don't stay in place when I walk.
  4. Could you take them to a cobbler??? Maybe they could work their magic... If not I would take them to Saks and see if the could do anything... I heard a few weeks ago that nude patent yoyos were still floating around, so maybe you'd be able to replace them!