Are my GUCCI Wallets fake or not? (Purse)

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  1. Hey Ppl...

    I´m new here...

    I´ve purchase a GUCCI wallets (Purse), but i´m not sure of it is fake or not..

    My GUCCI Wallets have:

    Clearly GUCCI monogram
    Fine stitching
    Clearly Made in italy and GUCCI logo
    + controllato card

    But i can´t see the serienumber in the purse??

    Pictures attachet...


    Pictures is taking from my mobilephone (S//E K850i)
    Sorry my bad english (I´m from Denmark)
    DSC00662.JPG DSC00679.JPG DSC00682.JPG DSC00686.JPG DSC00684.JPG
  2. sorry but this one's a fake.

  3. What a bummer. If you bought them on eBay or online, make sure you post a link to the auction and/or to the website so that we can all be aware of the seller. Sorry this happened to you.
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Thread Status:
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