Are my calves getting fat? Jimmy Choo tall boots feedback please!

  1. OK, I've never had this problem before, and I own a lot of tall boots (Charles David, Weitzman, etc...) So anyway, I got my first pair of Jimmy Choo tall boots in the mail today, and the foot part fits fine, but the shaft is SOOO tight! I could zip the right size up and it's snug, but could barely do up the zipper on the left shaft... I've never had this problem before.

    Are Jimmy Choo tall boots unusually snug? I'm SURE I haven't put on weight on my calves?! Does anyone know if they stretch out? They're really hot, but I can't get over how narrow they are!
  2. some brands just run tighter, and since jimmy choo is basically as high end as it gets for shoes, i bet they run pretty tight to the calf. as long as they're leather, they should stretch and be fine.

    also, had you been walking or on your feet all day when you first tried them? my tall boots can be really easy to pull on (they don't zip since they're kind of equestrianish) or quite the challenge. your legs swell when you've been using them recently, so that might be the issue. try them on first thing in the morning to see if they really fit.
  3. I have a pair of Choo boots and yes, they tend to be pretty snug at the calves.
  4. Yes Jimmy Choo boots are tight up top.
  5. Thanks for the feedback ladies - I was freaking out! Hmmm, hopefully they'll stretch out a bit - it is the end of the day, so maybe my legs are a *bit* bigger, but I can't imagine it would be by that much.

    I'll try them on again in the morning, and think about it before doing anything. Good to know - maybe I'll stick with other brands for tall boots next time!
  6. jimmy choo boots are some of the tightest out there, but very much tdf!
  7. Jimmy Choo boots are narrow around the calves. I have thin calves so I have always had problems finding boots that fit. I have a pair of Choo boots that fit fairly well around the calves.
  8. My peonys fit snug initially, too. For me, it was more snug at the upper portion of the foot rather than the shaft.
  9. I only have one pair of Choo boots that I haven't worn yet this winter. I noticed the same thing -- the boots are extremely tight around the calves. I've thought about taking them to the cobbler to have that area stretched.
  10. Its best to check the circum of the top of the boot. Most high end boots are about 14", some less.
  11. LOL, actually I measured my calves out of curiosity, and they're both around 13", with the right one slightly thinner. So I feel better that my calves defintely not fat! I never had problems with high end boots before, so that's why I posted.

    I've worn the JC's now for a couple of days, and once I get the left one on, it's actually quite comfy. I do like that there's no "bulging" of the leather since it's cut quite narrow - seriously though, I'm a size 2, so IDK how he sells boots considering he's eliminated 95% of the population!