Are musicians really better?

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  1. [​IMG]

    :lol: Really kind of funny! :lol:
  2. lol that's pretty funny

    i dated a musician for a year and a half and at first he seemed, sensative, sincere, and in touch with his emotions, but slowly the gloss wore off and i saw him like he really was: a neurotic, narcissistic, overly-emotional *******.

    i think this is what happens a lot with musicians, imo. we're blinded by the shine of the guitar! eventually those quirks aren't so adorable.
  3. Oh yes, avoid musicians. Unless you don't mind egos and groupies.

    They are best enjoyed from a distance, unfortunately.
  4. :lol:

    I have a thing for musicians :shame: My first kiss was with a drummer. He had a girlfriend. But he was so cute :shame: :love: My psychotic ex-boyfriend was a guitar player. He was just like amanda said, a neurotic, narcissistic, overly-emotional *******. My current boyfriend is a guitar and bass player. After 4 years, he's still normal :P
  5. ahh, the psychotic musician ex-boyfriend...he's the only one i'm ever embarassed to say i dated. stay away from musicians, girls! cristina and i are warning you...
  6. I sent that to my guitarist boyfriend a couple of weeks ago and he thought it was hilarious.
    I love my musician. he's down to earth and completely aware of the narcissism that is so prevalent in the music industry, yet he's the most sincerely friendly person I've ever known (a fabulous networker!) and he's one of the very few who actually treats other people like he wants to be treated. It's amazing.
    I love that he loves to make music, but I'd love him just as much if he didn't. I'm way lucky.

    ps- :love:
  7. I did my time with band guys. Fun when you're young and stupid, not recommended for emotional investment.

    I'm sure there are exceptions to this... but I imagine the only bigger whores in the world of famous men are probably pro athletes. Shudder.
  8. Oh and, there's nothing wrong with musicians per se (my brother is a professional musician), I'm just talking about young guys in bands who have a following, etc. It goes to the head pretty easily.
  9. even the guys that are classical musicians are jackasses......having been one myself i agree with the ladies above about the big heads/ego trips/narcissism.......u don't want ur boyfriend putting his music before u.....
  10. :lol: what is that all about!
  11. Hi Jane! Ever read metal sludge dot com?
  12. They also don't glow in the dark!
  13. i think they're good looking, but i cant say ive ever met one! (fingerscrossed i get my meet and greet with FORT MINOR & then i'll let you all know) :amuse:
  14. I'd just like to point out that that's not a mother in that cartoon. Because there is no way a mother would ever endorse a musician or musician's lifestyle to her children - especially to a daughter looking for a husband.
  15. I have a thing for hate them and you love them...