Are most B's on ebay fake?

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  1. I was just wondering how are some sellers able to price B's on ebay so far below market value if they are not fake? Do B bags ever go on super discount in retail stores? It doesnt make sense to me when someone can sell a BNWT B for more than a couple of hundred dollars below market price if they are so coveted? Answers?
  2. We have a high end deparment store here in Canada call Holt Renfrew that has their twice a year -25% off when using their store credit card. That is when I always buy mine.

    I have also seen on their liquidation table once with several Bbags being sold at approx. 40% off.

    Maybe some sellers can afford a big loss if they feel they don't need their bags anymore and just sell it and cut the losses. I personally bought 2 brand new FIRST for 600.00 each from a lady who needed to sell to buy airline tickets oversea to see her sick mother. This lady sold quite a few of her gently used ones like for 300.00 and yes they were all authentic. Wished I caught all her auctions.
  3. from what I see when there authentic, you can just get lucky with sales like fantatic-3 said.
  4. i just got lucky and got a brand new 08 city for 600.00 off evilbay! the lady worked for neimans and got discounts!
  5. There are some really terrific finds on *bay. I got a new w/tags 05 Teal Work!
  6. Thank goodness, the majority of Bbags on ebay are authentic. There are PLENTY of fakes though, and some of them are amazingly good!

    The girls on the AT thread do a wonderful job of catching many of them, so always check there before plunking down money. It's not foolproof, but there is safety in numbers!:tpfrox:
  7. This is not a sellers market; therefore, many great authentic bags are being offered at prices below retail.

    On the flip side, there are sellers who think their HTF bags are made of gold and price them way over market. I sell my bags to fund others, so always price my bags under retail so they will sell and not sit.
  8. thanks! i just was wondering because i saw a bag i liked but the idea of being swindled on a fake would upset me tons!!! i think i would prefer to buy gnetly used bags because at least i know they were real.
  9. Well put. I have never paid over retail for a bag. I too only sell my bags to fund other bags.
Thread Status:
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