Are most Azur Pochette Accessories Made in France?

  1. Just wondering where the new azur pochette accessories are made. Thanks! :yes:
  2. Mine's from Spain
  3. Also "Made in Spain"
  4. Mine is made in Spain.
  5. my pochette is spain and speedy is france
  6. My pochette is made in Spain, my mini pochette is made in France.
  7. If I get it from France will it still be "made in Spain"? Now I wonder if it was ever made in France.
  8. My Naviglio is made in France, my cles and my pochette are made in Spain.
  9. My pochette and cles are made in spain.
  10. my pochette is from spain
  11. pochette spain..
    speedy USA
  12. Mini Pochette Azur are all made in France. Regular Pochette Azur are all made in Spain. Just trying to clarify all the confusion here.
  13. ^^ good to know pinki!
  14. Mine is also from Spain.
  15. My azur pochette and cles are bought made in spain.