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are miu miu bow satchels sold out?

May 28, 2007
hi guys,

i've absolutely fallen in love with the bow satchel, but i think i came across it a little too late. i've been all over NYC looking for it in the black color (don't mind at this point whether it's the small or the large size) but i can't find it anywhere! is that it? the madison miu miu store is all out. i even called saks and NM, but they only have the ivory. :sad:

does anybody know if there is a Fall 2007 bow satchel happening? or of any other place i could call to see if there is a black?

i saw some on raffaello and on styledrops. but am scared about authenticity. i also know my Citi credit card won't work at Raffaello cause it's on a "blacklist" of some sort.



is on a purse ban :(
Jul 29, 2006
Raffaello and Styledrops are both authentic but their prices are higher than retail. Did you try the miu miu store in Soho? Their bag selection is usually better.


another grey city
Feb 17, 2007
san francisco
they are definitely hard to come by. i have been watching ebay for the black one since the beginning of the year because i'd like to know what they sell for. i have a black, which i will keep forever & ever, but i'm just curious to see what the market will pay for this bag. however i haven't gotten a chance to see because i haven't seen one come up on ebay once unless it was in another colour! :0

i think you may end up having to pay above retail on one of those sites...


finally home
Apr 28, 2006
I purchased and returned this one several months back from Saks. Not sure if this is the style you were wanting or not, but it says you can't buy it online anymore but to contact them for info...HTH!

Shown in SUGERO
Miu Miu

Calf Leather Satchel

[FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]Calf leather satchel has top handles and detachable body strap. Top zip closure and inside zip pocket. Bow detail at sides. Available in black and cognac. 10½"H X 14½"L X 6"W. Imported.[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]$1,050.00 0404352331131[/FONT] Sorry, this item is no longer available online. Please call 1.877.551.SAKS (7257) to inquire about availability. var hexPatternArray = new Array();


May 9, 2006
the miu miu SA told me the bow satchel will come in black for autumn/winter, but it'll be buffalo leather. maybe brown but he's not sure which shade of brown. hope this helps. :P
May 28, 2007
thank you all!!!

i'm looking forward to seeing the bow satchel in the buffalo leather, i hope it's a good shade of brown! i love this bag! i called about the tan color, but they were all sold out. it's ivory or nothing for now, it seems. i know the ivory is available online, but not at the madison store because i went back and it was gone gone gone.

i caved in and got the black leather coffer bag at the miumiu store and i am absolutely in love with it! :wlae:


Nov 30, 2006
Bath, UK
I was in Selfridges in London yesterday and they had the bow satchel in both sizes in off white, white and black.
Feb 5, 2008
There's actually several websites on the internet that sells the bag still. I just recently bought one in Ivory Color :smile: Just keep looking. Stay on this FORUM and look for the links that some ladies provide. Go through the threads, your not the only one looking for the bag still :biggrin: