are miu miu bags timeless ?

  1. lately, ive been wondering whether to invest in a miu miu bag or not , becuase im not too sure whether they are timeless bags or not ??

    do you think miu miu bags are timeless ??
  2. depends on u really,ive got the coffer and i think its timeless but hey?
  3. I think it depends on the design and color you choose. Personally I think so many of the designs now definitely have potential for "timelessness" the top of my head:
    - coffer
    - bow satchel
    - double-zip bowler from the cruise line...
    Of course, these are the bags that I've been eyeing, but I know for certain there are tons more!!!
  4. I think coffer is def. timeless:biggrin:
  5. Some of them are, like the coffer, and some of them are more trendy, in my opinion. But almost all of them are adorable :yes:
  6. I think Miu Miu is elegant and timeless!
  7. Absolutely timeless :heart:
  8. They are timeless in my eyes :p
  9. i say the coffer and bow satchel.
  10. the bow satchel is TIMELeSS
  11. Depends on the style. Many of the current styles are more timeless than past styles. I have bags from the early 00s and they are definitely fun, quirky, not classic bags.
  12. What did you decide on?

    i'm also trying to decide on whether to get a coffer and wanted to get opinions on if it is too trendy or to invest in the Chanel flap.
  13. I think the coffer is timeless.
  14. If you can only get one purse, go for the Chanel. Chanel will be classic and elegant, 20 years down the road.

    If you have money for two, I would suggest the coffer. I feel strongly that it's on its way to becoming a classic.

    If you have money for three purses, I would suggest getting a trendier purse for the fun factor. It doesn't need to be Miu Miu or Prada. Heck, it can be any purse!

    I'm trying to be unbiased here since I adore my coffer. I'm planning on a Chanel next just cos' it's Chanel and due for a price increase soon. :yucky:
  15. ^ ITA. Coffers, I think, is Miu Miu's bread and butter. It is a classic piece and I would recommend it to anyone considering purchasing it. I seriously love mine! BUT if you want something that is more universally considered as timeless, then I agree with linpaddy, you will have to invest in one of the 'older' brands like Chanel, or if you don't mind going broke, then Hermes. Their styles have been proven to last decades, and that's how I would define timeless.