Are Miu Miu bags are still appreciated?


Feb 19, 2022
i dont see them much when i shop on those luxury retail sites but i still check the miu miu site multiples times a week since i love the style of their clothes, shoes, and headbands. im not into purses and the only purses i actually want r from blumarine and miu miu. their designs kinda have more of a youthful, girly, fairytale aesthetic. they dont look as classy and mature as most of the more popular purses but for people who prefer a more cutesy look, theyre perfect


Apr 4, 2018
Hi all new here. Love the matelasse ones as I feel like they are classic. Just got this pre-loved Confidential. A little pricey still but it was 1/3 of retail. It’s so soft due to the lambskin. I’m in love! View attachment 5335423
Congrats on getting a good deal. :tup: This color looks like it's a perfect shade of powdery-pinkish taupe!


Feb 9, 2011
Funny, for me it's just the opposite... :biggrin: I love everything Miu miu and their girly designs :heart: , while I hated their stuff from 10+ years ago (like Harlequin bags, brown leather, suede etc.)... so I hope they don't change their style and revamp the brand (like Gucci did :sick: ).

Plus, here in Europe Miu miu is apparently still very hip, as a lot of contemporary brands copy their designs of bags and also clothes (Italian brand Liu Jo for example made almost copies of their bags this season, also Max & Co. uses their ideas etc.).

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May 28, 2009
I still love their old (Coffer, Bow, etc) bags and maybe because I am just into girly and feminine fashion I dislike their new styles though, feels like it is "forced" and not like the original Miu Miu that I like ✌
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