Are mismatched Nikki panels a given?

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  1. I have two Nikkis - Wine & Forest - and the first thing I noticed about both were that they had mismatched panels. Not differing ones side-by-side, but both bags have different leather textures on the front and back. One side has a smooth look while the other is a bit more wrinkled. I'm not dissatisfied but I'd ideally like to get another Nikki with matching front and back leather. Do all the bags come like this or can I expect to find a all-matching panel Nikki?
  2. i have 2 nikkis and neither of them are mismatching...they both match :yes:
  3. No I don't think that is the norm my ocean nikki is like that.
  4. My Cloud Grey Mini Nikki is wrinklier on one side than the other but my other 3 MNs are all matching.
  5. I think that slight variations are normal...I have a Bryna Nicole bag that's like that, but my Nikki isn't. I asked about it, and was told that that's pretty normal (makes sense; leather's a natural product), and it doesn't bother me if it's not super exaggerated.
  6. There are some noticeable variations in the leather panels of my recent MAM purchase, but not in my Nikki... so I was wondering the same.
  7. There are 4 panels on the nikki so slight variations in the leather are quite normal. It doesn't happen frequently but it was something that was brought up a few times earlier this year.

    Where were these bags purchased? i would definitely email them and see if you can get a replacement.

    TBH though- as the bag starts to break in, you will notice the leather will all start to even out all over.
  8. I got my Wine back in July and the Forest is a new addition --- just came this month. I don't mind a whole lot about the panels and I've already been using both regularly. I usually turn the bag to the side I prefer to display. Just wanted to know what to expect if I end up buying a new Nikki...which I probably will b/c it's my favorite style of my entire bag collection!
  9. My cloud grey Nikki is like that. I like one side better than the other so I always have that side facing out when I carry it. Haha! I think slight leather variations are normal.
  10. I dont mind some variation... I think it makes the bag more interesting...
  11. I do that too. I have a dark brown mini nikki, and one side is more distressed while the other is smoother.
  12. I have a Wine Nikki and both sides of her are mismatched.

    One side is more wrinklier and smooshiER than the other. Both sides are the same so it sort of balances out, but it sort of bothers me :sad:
  13. Totally feel the same way. While I wouldn't say I'm disatisfied, after all, I use the bags, it kind of weirds me out. I wouldn't try replacing them now, but I hope any Nikki I get in the future has matching panels.
  14. I think it depends on the leather. I have a Wine (recut w/ old hw) Nikki with slight variations in texture (NOT color), same for my white old-school nikki and the yellow I used to have. Forest is completely uniform, as was last year's dark gray. DG Nikki had the smoothest, silkiest leather ever. I wonder if the recuts will be the same. Mis-matched panels seem to be a problem with special order Nikkis.
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    all 4 of mine match (whew ;), But everytime I buy a Nikki- I worry that I just might receive a bag that is noticably mis matched- and that would drive me crazy lol