Are Manolo Blahnik sales seasonal or once a year?

  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if the Manolo Blahnik sample sales are seasonal or once a year only? I read online that the sales were seasonal. Also, how far in advance do they release the details on the sale? I was planning to go to the one on Wednesday, but flights from San Francisco were too expensive by the time I found out about the sale. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Not sure about sample sales, but the Blahnik boutique has 2 sales a year.
  3. The info is not usually released to the public at all nor published ANYWHERE - and so most people in NY don't ever hear about it, or hear about it only a day or so in advance. I definitely don't usually hear about it, and I have friends in fashion! NM and Bergdorf have very good sales on Manolos (even online, but definitely in the store, where I've seen them for as low as $150), and you can often find them for not too much more than the sample sale that way. That's where I generally get mine
  4. I acutally found out about the sale date on the Thursday before the sale. It took a quite a bit of persistance, but someone finally revealed it to me. Flights from San Francisco were almost $1000.00 when I checked, so I didn't go. I really wish I would've gone because my employer said I could take last Wednesday off.

    How was the selection? Are there a lot of current styles or is it mainly old inventory, especially after the fashion editors make their purchases before it opens the the public? I would really like to attend the next sale, but want to make sure that there is a good selection before I spend money on a flight and hotel to New York.