Are LV's for the younger crowd??

  1. Like 20's and 30's ??

    OMG.....I feel so old!!

    42......typing that number made me feel so depressed......:sad:
  2. Nope. I know a grandma that uses LV. ;)
  3. you're never too old for LV!

    there's this one adorable elderly woman that stops by my aunt's donut shop every sunday and she still carries a vintage speedy.

  4. im not too old??
  5. Of course not!! :yes: Also, my mom is older than you (I sooo hope she does not see this!) and she uses LV. ;)
  6. Giselle07, I am 43 and carry LV with pride! The only thing I think is too young for me is the multicolore.
  7. My aunt is 52 and loves her LV! :P
  8. i actually thought, when i first got mine.. that LV was for the older crowd.. like 40s and up.. cuz i really didn't see anyone around my age that carried it or that cared for it.. it was an old-person-brand. my mom had it, her mom had it (somehow, i have no idea.. vietnam was definitely very 3rd world country back in her mom's day). i know my grandma has some because she lived in france for a while.

    i think now it's mixed. young and old.
  9. lv is for any age group.
    Maybe as you get older you're not going to be carrying a flashy mc bag but lv will always be a hit!

    I'm sure at 80 i'll be carrying my mono speedy around :smile:
  10. A couple of my close friends are in their 50s and proudly carry LV!!! One even carries MC and it looks fabulous on her (she can definetly pull it off)!
  11. Yea, LV is definitely for everyone, any age group! That's why I love it, coz I know I can carry my LV now and 30-40 years later, with it looking just as in style as now!
  12. Agree with everyone! My mom is around 53 and she's attracted to LV too..
  13. Any age! I'll be carrying them when I in the old folks home!
  14. I think LV is classic and for all (adult) age groups......I honestly think it's a little silly for 13 year olds to be carrying them (at least on an everyday basis) but that's just my opinion....
  15. I think LV is timeless and therefor perfect for any and all ages!