Are LV's cheaper in Toronto?

  1. Hi, are the LV's and Chanels cheaper in Toronto:shame: ? I will be Toronto next week and would like to know if I can get some good deals there:yes: . Thank you for any suggestions on shopping tips there:cool: .
  2. i went to the LV store on Bloor St in Toronto (which is right next to Chanel, by the way :biggrin:). the prices there, after conversion, are higher, and you have to pay 15% tax, which i think you can actually claim back from the border or something like that.
  3. It is much more than US prices! Just ask LV_Addict - she can tell ya
  4. It's definitely more than US prices !
  5. Thx everyone:yes: . I guess I'll do my shopping here.....:amuse: .
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