Are LV wallets worth the money?

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  1. As you ladies know, nearly all LV wallets cost a pretty penny (some as much as an LV handbag!) I already have an LV Porte-Monnaie Billets Viennois, but I was thinking of purchasing a new wallet .

    My question is: it an LV wallet worth it, or should I just put that money towards a new handbag? :huh:
  2. This is the wallet I'm thinking about...

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  3. I have the same dilemna as you. I also think their wallets are way too pricey and it's equivalent to a nice handbag. Personally, I never spend too much on a wallet. A wallet is just a wallet to me. I much rather put that money towards my next bag on my list.
  4. I don't know.. They sure are pricey, but I could see myself buying an epi wallet for sure..
  5. I have a few LV wallets, I'm not sure any wallet is really worth it though. They look nice, but all the wear on them sucks. I like to spend money on things I can baby, like bags. Thats kind of why I don't have that many pairs of shoes too :lol:
  6. If you have the money, why not?
    But because of limited funds, I will never see myself buying a wallet for use. It's subjected to too much wear and tear, and money is awfully dirty, imagine passing through so many people's oily hands. A wallet is practically a portable germ-breeding agar dish plate.
  7. yup i don't like spending that much on a wallet, the most i would spend is 300. anything more than that is a little too pricey for me.
  8. i have a MC porte monnaie billet viennois and now that i look at it, NO that wallet was not worth $665. It has only 4 CC slots, which is not enough for me, but I do like the coin holder. But still, I am going to be selling it soon.

    Now the Damier Koala wallet, which is my current item of obsession is ABSOLUTELY worth it to me...I cannot wait til I own it. It has 9 CC slots and a change holder as well, and it's small which is perfect because I don't use checks.

    So depending on how much you carry in your wallet LV wallets are sometimes too pricey, and sometimes worth it.
  9. I just bought my second LV wallet an epi compact in red and I think that will last forever! I bought it to go with my MC white lodge and it matches perfectly.My hubby has the same in black for ges and it still looks new. My other is the porte tresore card de credit so that is matching my monogram things. I like it when my wallet matches the bag but I didn't want to buy a MC white wallet because !. the price is to high IMO and my epi will match my future epi speedy in red. Those 2 are all I need;)
  10. I don't quite want to spend that much on a wallet ...I rather spend it on a bag!
  11. Yeah...I'm thinking the wallet is nearly $500, and for another $250 I can special order a speedy in damier canvas!!
  12. I honestly don't think the LV wallets are anything special, and I would never pay more than $50 for one. You're paying entirely for the name, imo. All my wallets are amazing quality, are even nicer than the LV wallets, and cost me under $150, so i personally wouldn't even consider buying that wallet for $500. But hey, if you like it enough and if that's what floats your boat, go for it!
  13. It took me four years to finally get one (for the exact same reason - I couldn't bring myself to spend the same $$$ I did for a speedy JUST to buy a wallet), but I am glad I did! I've had it now for three years and it still looks brand new. To me, it was worth it. But that is just my personal opinion.
  14. It depends on if you have the money.. I finally bought a vernis ludlow but I'm selling it now as I'd much rather put it towards a bag.
  15. I have two LV wallets. Both were special occasion gifts -the cerises compact zip and the MC snapped billfold and coin purse.
    I would pay full price for an LV wallet because I have several LV handbags and I just like matching. Also you don't change wallets like you change bags. I mean most people have a collection of handbags and just one or two wallets. So it's worth it to get one that you really like. Also, they hold their value. Even the 10 year old wallets on ebay - if they're authentic, they are still a couple hundred dollars, which is probably what they cost 10 years ago new.
    So to me, they are a luxury, but definitely worth it. They're very well made and come in an assortment of configurations/sizes.