Are LV wallet slots suppose to be sticky?

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  1. Whenever I put my credit cards and such in the slots, I noticed a couple of them are sticky! Is it suppose to be like that or does it dry up or what? It's kind of annoying! But if it goes away, im ok with that. Here's a picture of what I'm talking about. It's the second slot from the bottom. You can see the tiny frizzies that is making the slot sticky. Thanks!

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  2. Mine is not sticky. :sad:
  3. I think it supposed to be like that, so that it will hold the cc tight.
    it will loosen up a bit with time of use.
    Enjoy your LV wallet, they wallet are the best.
    At least I compared with Prada and Gucci, nothing like LV wallet.
    It will las for years..
  4. I have and own a few LV wallets and non of them are sticky. This is the first one. I'm hoping it goes literally sticks to my cards. I just don't want the edge of the slots to peel or split while cards are going in and out.
  5. Mine isn't sticky.
  6. I own 2 LV wallets and neither of them are sticky :-S
  7. I've been using the wallet for a day now, pulled the credit card out twice to swipe. Noticed sticky residue on my card. hole it goes away!
  8. If the wallet's leaving sticky residue on your cards, I would bring it back to the store and ask them about it. I don't think it's supposed to be sticky like that at all, mine isn't.
  9. I have a few LV pieces and none of them are 'sticky'. They were tight for a bit but not sticky.....
  10. It definitely should not be sticky. I have a wallet that 18 years old and the slots are not sticky, and I have one that's 8 months old that's not sticky either. I would take it back to the boutique and have them look at it. Good luck!
  11. None of mine is sticky.
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    I got a zippy compact and only one of the slots was sticky like you are describing, there was also a little goo that came off on my card from it. I just figured it was a little extra so I gently slid the card in/out a few times the first and second day that I had it and it's gone now. Not an issue, no residue.

    If it was all your slots then I'd return it, but for me since it was just one it wasn't a big deal. Now if it hadn't cleared up I probably would have taken it back and exchanged it.
  13. I had the same issue and now it's gone. Thanks! :smile: