Are LV Vernis bags high maintenance?

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  1. I'd love to purchase an LV Vernis Red bedford bag but I don't think I can use it as an everyday bag, right? I'd like to know your comments on the LV Vernis line, how they cope with dust, dirt, rain, etc. And how do you maintain the finish? Thanks! :smile:
  2. I have a red vernis bedford and its not really hard to take care of. I think this is because its a darker vernis piece. Its held up a lot better than my lighter vernis pieces. I dont really do anything to maintain the finish, its just naturally shiny. I got caught in the rain with it once, but its just fine :biggrin:
  3. I have the beige vernis, but I don't use it that often so I wouldn't know how it would handle everyday wear and tear. A darker color may help.
  4. I've heard that for some items, there is the problem of colour transfer - e.g. newspapers onto the vernis. That has pretty much frightened me away from this line.
  5. The Bronze one I just got seems pretty durable - just don't put it on the ground or anything that might transfer. The Red should be pretty safe!
  6. i dont know if anyone still references this thread but i lost a bronze lexington to color transfer. my patent ysl bag (fuschia) was the culprit. i never use dustbags for storage, only to stuff other bags, but i now keep vernis items in the dust bag
  7. whoa this thread is 3 years old
  8. I know this is an old thread, but thank you for your updating it with your comment. I just recently got a bronze vernis item and now will be aware that it is not transfer-proof. Sorry to hear about your Lex.
  9. lol 3 years old?!
  10. Yeah, but I'm so glad Priss updated it with her experience. All of the other reports I've read on the bronze vernis were that the color was pretty indestructible, but her poor Lexington shows otherwise. I'm definitely thankful she reopened this thread, because I know now I have to be careful with my bronze Houston.:yes:
  11. I have a Pomme Rosewood and cles and an Amarante Alma no problems with them. I have a beige bedford and there is a little smuge on it, but not that bad so it is not that big of a deal
  12. I have a Violette keyholder and don't baby it at all. I use him everyday for almost a year now and he still looks exactly the same as the day I took him home.
  13. what a bump!

    i've had my blue vernis coin purse for 3 years now, use it everyday as a small wallet, and i do not baby it at all. it goes in grocery bags with canned goods, thrown around inside my everyday bag, in my car's glove compartment.... often has keys attached to it as well.. so it's getting alot of daily tumbled contact with metal!

    and yet the finish is still perfect, no flaking or fading or chipping or major scratches at all!
    big yay from me.
  14. I am thinking about the pomme alma GM, so this thread makes me feel better about it.