Are LV sunglasses polarized?

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  1. I have been wanting one but I only like polarized. Can you ladies help.
    Thank you!!
  2. I've yet to find any women's polarized sunglasses. They all say "UV protection". There are LV sunglasses for men that are polarized. I only like polarized sunglasses too. Most designer sunglasses are just UV. Tiffany's has polarized styles.
  3. I haven't seen any polarised LV ones, you could ask an SA at the store if they have any that are polarised in stock?
  4. That's so true! It always seems like they don't care about making them polarised? I've only ever gotten D&G or ray bans that are polarised... But I am obsessed with Dita, the only way I can get polarised Dita ones is to switch the lenses out and the store tells me the lenses wouldn't be gradient anymore so it'd ruin the look :/
  5. LV's are not polarized, but both my Chanel sunglasses are polarized :smile:
  6. They would sell much better, especially here in Hawaii, if they stocked polarised lenses. I cannot wear non-polarized. It makes such a huge difference when driving, or on (or near) the water. My go-to sunglasses are Maui Jims, but I would jump ship if LV made a cute pair of polarized women's lense.
  7. I wish they made polarized glasses too. I spend a lot of time watching my kids play soccer in bright sunlight and I'm completely spoiled by the Maui Jim lenses. I have some Prada polarized sunglasses but they don't live up to MJ!

    I like Maui Jim styles enough but a better variety to choose from would be nice.
  8. Unfortunately LV, along with most other designer brands, seems to be focused more on fashion and forgot about function. When it's bright outside I have a pair of Oakley for driving and a pair of Versace for when I'm close to water/outdoors. If it's overcast then I prefer my gradient shield-style Prada.
  9. I haven't found one that's polarized. I always just use my D&G sunnies for driving.
  10. I use Oakley ones for cycling … my LV ones are all broken and I found the current offerings are too fashion based for the harsh sun here. Ray Ban offer polarised sunglasses:smile:
  11. I have some Chanel sunglasses that are polarized. Try there...
  12. Some LV sunglasses are polarized, you can find more selection in the men's styles. Some can be worn by women or men. I think Evidence is one of them.

    I agree with others that Chanel & Gucci makes really good polarized sunglasses, better than LV imo. I have 2 Chanels and 1 Gucci. Avoid Fendi sunglasses, not very effective imo.
  13. Thanks ladies I have Chanel and ray ban that are polarized but saw the LV ones yesterday and LOVED them but for the price I wanted polarized.
  14. I wish they were polarized because LV is the only brand I know that makes frames specifically for Asian faces like myself. I would gladly pay the extra money for LV sunniest if they offered polarized women's glasses...
  15. I have not found any polarized LV's …. I have a couple pairs of Tory Burch that I really like that are polarized. Hard to go back to wearing the regular ones after you get used to polarized!
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