Are LV Shoes comfy?

  1. I'm planning to get some. Not sure whether to get flats or something with a heel.
  2. I don't know about the shoes you listed, but my friend (who is also on the forum :biggrin: ) bought a pair of LV perforated heels (which are gorgeous) and she maintains they are VERY comfy! But...even if the shoes aren't that comfortable, I think they're still worth it!:lol:
  3. I have many pairs of LV shoes (hence my name). I have found them to be very comfortable. But I suppose it depends on which shoes you want. Flats? Sneakers? Lomboks? Sandals? Stillettos? I don't wear super high heels so, to me, those would not be so comfy, kwim?
  4. Go try em on!! I have a few different pairs and it's the style more than the brand. My denim wedges are wayy comfy, so are the spa mules. The trainers rub me a bit and I took back my perforated ones. Stick to a style that you like for your first pair, and see how you go! GOOD LVCK!
  5. When I go designer shoes... I always choose style/fashion over comfort lol.. but I have 2 pairs of LV shoes and I can't complain!
  6. I really would love to go try them on but since I'm only 19. A lot of the SAs ignore me especially if they haven't helped me before. Thats why I really don't want to go try them on =(