Are LV shoes comfortable?


Sep 23, 2006
Lately, I've been drifting away from LV to Bottega Veneta and Chanel ( I haven't bought anything yet). Last week I received the shoe catalog in the mail and while browsing through it I realized that I should buy a pair of LV shoes. If I do buy, I think it will be the Pretty Shoe. It looks comfortable (since its a ballerina), but we all know when it comes to shoes looks are extremely deceiving :yes:. I rarely find a pair of shoes that don't "bite" me and give me blisters. Plus, after spending so much $$$ I wouldn't want them to sit in the closet and look pretty - I want to wear them all the time!So ladies, please tell me should I buy them or not? And if I go with amarante, what clothes can I match them with? I'd want the color to be versatile....
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Feb 10, 2009
hello.... i got a few pairs of LV shoes, mostly ballerina as i don't wear high heels. i love the oxford model, as they are super comfty.... same to me that many shoe does bite me, but this model never bite me since i brought them.... Some other ballerina style is also good after u wear them. I got one PRETTY amaranthe, i just wear it as it is black...goes well with my wardrobe, coz i wear many pink/purple with jeans. i love her too, as u can wear her both summer and winter...great pieces!!
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Feb 5, 2006
I have around 25 pairs and have to say they're all very comfortable (with the exception of some super tall boots but those would be somewhat uncomfortable no matter what the brand was). In all of them but 1 pair (the Sofia Coppola wedges which I had to go a half-size up) I got the size I normally wear and they fit great. I'd highly recommend LV shoes!


Dec 22, 2008
i am to scared to try LV shoes for this reason lol, everytime i go to LV i see the pretty shoes on the wall but all my shoes need to "break in" before they are comfy and i dont want to spend that much on shoes that hurt lol