Are LV SA's paid commission?

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  1. Does anyone know if LV SA's are paid by commission or are they just paid by the hour?
  2. I've never heard the answer from an SA (well, I never asked!), but from what I've read on TPF, SAs do not work on commission. The managers are salaried, while the regular SAs are hourly.
  3. Thats for the input LVOELouis828
  4. I have to say I'm surprised to hear this, I've always thought they were paid commission! :nuts: (Goes to show how much I know hahahaha XDDD)
  5. they also get 30% discount
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  6. I believe they get bonuses based on their sales, but do not work on 'commission' so-to-speak.
  7. My SA told me that they don't work on commission, but they are expected to meet sales quotas. She also told me that they don't get discounts. Tough job!!!
  8. Yes, this is true. My SA and I have become good friends and she told me they don't get commissions, just bonuses at the end of the year depending on how much they sell.
  9. They do not get commission but do get 30% discount (products cannot be LE and must be out for 6 months before they can purchase). If there is a LE line that does not do well in the stores they can receive a 50% discount but are limited to 2 pieces.
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  10. I thought they had a sale once a year for employees only that is around 30% off of selected items
  11. oh. i always thought that they were paid commissions. but i suppose the 30% discount works too!
  12. :yes: You are right!
  13. interesting, i thought they got paid commissions too.
  14. I would love to work as a SA for Louis Vuitton. I think it would be one of my dream jobs just being around LV all of the time!
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  15. My SA just confirmed that they don't make commission. It's supposed to make it so the SA will help anyone and everyone, and they don't get competitive and only help people who they think will buy (but we all know this only works some of the time!)
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