Are LV Sales Associates allowed to sell...

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  1. Are Louis Vuitton Sales Associates allowed to sell any merchandise they buy with their employee discount...interested to know!!!Also, does anyone know how you can tell if the item was purchased by an employee? Does LV have to make any specific markings on the item so a difference is known?
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    Interesting question!

    I had a close school mate who worked in LV before and I casually hinted about her employee discount ("You must have a lot of LV with your discount!") and she quickly said "No we have it capped and we cannot buy often"... (Basically she said they cannot buy items above a certain price point with their discount. And when they do purchase with their discount, they are only allowed so a certain number of times in a year).

    When she said that dismissively, I understood what she was saying. In a roundabout way she was telling me "No, I cannot get you a discount with anything!" LOL.

    Sooo... either she was holding her discount for herself or for her family, I don't know. But if what she was saying is true (cap and quantity limit) then I doubt there's a lot of discounted bags to go by.

    I assume the receipt they have will show the discount and will show that they were employees. Other than that, I doubt that they mark the bag itself.

    EDIT: apparently they mark the bags! read other's posts below.
  3. I believe the items are in fact marked with a circle inside. fabuleux is a former employee so he will likely chime in and clear it all up!

  4. What about shoes? Or SLGs, or clothing?🤔
  5. I think I saw something that looked specious online...that's why I'm asking.
  6. OH! a circle inside?!?

    I had NO idea! Wow, you learn something new everyday..
  7. I'm pretty sure SAs are allowed to sell a bag that they bought since it is their property, but LV marks those purchases, often beside the 'made in' stamp, with either a circle or an indent as if from a pen. If several of these marked bags start showing up from the same location, such as a certain seller on eBay, then I'm sure it raises a few red flags at corporate. Fabuleux would know more than I do though since he used to work there.

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  8. Bags have a circle inside, shoes have the tag partially blacked out, RTW I'm not sure.

    My SA advised that there are strict rules on what employees do with their purchases! Rare items I'm sure can be tracked or at least narrowed down, and I have no doubt reselling would be frowned upon, as LV is so picky about their image!

  9. Wow, yeah that's interesting! I thought I heard a couple years ago LV was extremely strict about employees not being allowed to sell their stuff they bought on discount, hence the reason for the special marking...

  10. Yes! I saw a pair of brand new shoes (no scuffs on the bottom, and still a sticker) where half the Louis Vuitton label was blacked out on the inside of the shoe. The "Louis" looked like it was marked with a sharpie...🤔
  11. Yep! I know a little more background on how it works, but out of respect to my SA I don't want to say too much! I'd hate to see anyone from LV get in trouble for selling or sharing, though.

  12. Omg I'm shocked...
  13. Might not be the employee themselves selling. Could have been given to family as a gift or could have been stolen from an employees house. Interested in what the policy is.
  14. All items are marked. Nowadays it's a V stamp. Employees are limited in the amount of money they can spend on merchandise. Their discount is 30% off. Also, just like at Hermès, LV offers ultra discounted bags during sales events in Paris where employees can buy things for a fraction of retail.

    Technically, they are not supposed to resell, but of course they do as we see often on Fashionphile or Yoogi's.
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  15. No, it wasn't on a consignment shop website, it was on here.
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