Are LV purses handmade?

  1. Not only the purses though.

    Just hit me that I never really looked into that.

    And if not, how are they made?
  2. hmm i would like to know also =)
  3. Generally, they're hand made with the help of machines (cutting canvas, sewing stitches, etc.). This is why no two bags will look exactly the same.
  4. hand made with the help of machines! you can see a movie on the site how they make the bags!
  5. ^ I've seen that video, its very cool. I love having a bag that isn't all done by machines... :smile:
  6. I've seen that video also! That is one reason why I got curious. TY Rebecca and jamalu :yes:
  7. I saw a documentary, don't remember exactly what the main topic was. I think it was the history and development of Champs Élysées on Discovery Channel or a Travel channel. I'm not sure. Anyhow, they interviewed a Louis Vuitton craftsman and I remember he saying something like this:

    "When the machines can do a job better than the hands, we use the machines. And when the hands can do a job better than the machines, we use the hands."
  8. Cool - I'm okay with that!
  9. Thats great!!!
  10. I was just getting ready to post a thread asking if anyone knew which bags are still handmade.

    Does anyone know? I do wonder if there are specific ones handmade whereas others are done completely by machine.
  11. I think the trunks are handmade but the rest are made by hand and machine together.
  12. Thank you Lvbabydoll ;). I really wish I knew what parts on which bags were done by hand/machine. Technical I know, but I'm curious. :angel: