Are Luella gisele bags over?

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  1. can I hear what you guys think? Does anyone have the dimensions of the different sizes for Gisele pls? Thinking of getting one on sale but wondering if it has outlived its fad...TIA
  2. The large Gisele is about 11"H x 16"W x 6"D according to NM. The Gisele tote is 9"H x 14"W x 6"D and so is the East-West. The Baby Gisele is 8 2/5"H x 12 2/5"W x 5 3/5"D. That's all that I know of.

    I would say that it has definitely outlived its fad by over a year, but if you love it, get it. I still own mine and probably will always. Good luck!
  3. The heaviest and hardest to get into bag I ever purchased...big regret!
  4. I still love mine, although it doesn't get used as much as it should. It's just a heavy little bugger and not the most practical of bags. It does stay in the closet more than it should, but I do give it an outing once in a while and everyone always admires it. I think it's had it's flash in the pan, but the style is quite classic and I don't think of it as a high fashion piece. Worth hanging on to I think if you already have one.
  5. I think its heavy and yeah its 15 minutes have passed. If you like it though, its a cute bag, too heavy for me though.

  6. Ditto,and I returned mine to NAP by DHL the same day.

    It's definitely "over",too...
  7. I dunno if it is "over" - I still love mine. It depends on how into the latest "it" bag you are, I tend to buy mine 'cos I love 'em and don't really care if anyone else thinks "so last season!" Everyone buys for different reasons - if you really like it, buy it. However I have to agree that it is heavy and awkward to get into and I too need to give it an outing from the wardrobe every now and then or it would gather dust.
  8. I definitly don't think the Giselle bag is over, Its such a beautiful bag that comes in a variety of styles and colours to suit everyone.
    Sienna Miller and Victoria Beckham were snapped carrying Luella bags only a few weeks ago!
    And vogue recently hailed it as the new BIRKIN!
    Surely the ultimate accolade!
  9. i still have mine although i don't really use it. i liked the style, but it's huge and heavy. i remember the first time i used it, all my parents commented was something like "OMG, how can someone use this bag? it's so heavy before you even put anything inside." to my opinion, with the same amount of money it's better to get something else....but you should get whatever bag makes you happy cause at the end of the day, you'll be the one using it.