Are Louboutins true to size?

  1. Hello ladies,

    does these Christian Louboutin run tts or does it run a bit small or big?

    should I get a smaller size or a size larger.

  2. I have these very same blue leopard pigalle in the 5 inch heel and they ran TTS for me because of the way the foot is arched and avoiding slipping out. However when I tried the 4 inch heel version which is what these look like they were 1/2 size small so I would have order a 1/2 up from my true us size.
  3. Depends on what size you're -- this is the "Pigalle 100" (4-inch Pigalle) pump, with sculpted heel. I'd say that for the smaller sizes (38 and below), it's pretty much true to size. For larger sizes it may depend on the width of your foot; if you have wide feet (for CL shoes), then certainly size up. Personally I found the "Pigalle 100" with sculpted heel (especially the patent version) to be very much true-to-size; for "Pigalle 120" I had to size up 1/2 a size to a full size from my "Pigalle 100" size as the higher 120mm heel means the foot is prone to sliding forward a lot more.
  4. are that pigalle with sculpted heel?
  5. ^ the ones in the picture above - yes
  6. I am usually a size 8 and all my Cl run smaller.I always buy 8 1/2 and sometimes if there close toe a size 9.
  7. I second Foxy's summary of sizing for CL Pigalles. I have the same Pigalle 100s you posted, but with the straight heel. They are very much TTS for me. I wear a 7.5 in non-designer shoes, and bought these shoes in a 37.5. I found that the 38s slipped off my heel.
  8. That style runs true to size, IMO.
  9. I wear anywhere from a 10 to an 11... I have a 10 in manolos and they are ALMOST too small. The question is, I found a great deal on some CL Espadrilles and they have them in a 10 and an 11... which size should I get? Do CL run true to size or should I get the 11 to make sure?
  10. Maybe the mods can move this to the Christian Louboutin sub forum. You will get more responses there.

    Most of the shoes are not'll have to tell us the style you wish to buy then we can recommend a size for you. Usually you have to size up or down depending on the certain style. It gets that's when the knowledgeable tPF CL ladies come in handy. :yes:
  11. Razorback, I don't personally own the shoes pictured but here's what I can tell you about CL sizing... I think most ladies' true CL size is 1/2 up from their normal size. Take me for example, I normally wear a size 8(38) in most shoes, but my normal CL size is 8 1/2 (38.5)... as for specific shoes, they all run the gamut so it really just depends on the style... I think if you look above there might be a sticky discussing sizing issues.... Hope this helps! :p

    And if none of this is helpful, maybe you should just buy both pairs and keep the one that fits!:graucho:
  12. razor, i say get the espadrilles in 11...because like you i am a 10 to 11 in highend shoes. for some reason to me, the espadrilles run small. I have 2 prs of CL espadrilles and i bought them both in 11 and they fit lovely.
  13. THANK YOU!!!! I got them in an eleven. I'm so excited!!!
  14. congrats! They'll fit if you got an 11 and your TTS is a 10. You'll be surprised in CL as you'll be fitting their shoes anywhere between a 9 and 11.5 depending on the model!