Are Louboutin's Overpriced? What Say You?

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  1. Just thought I'd put the question out there. Sure we love our Loubbies but do you think they are worth the insane amount of money they cost? Is the high price part of their appeal? Would we be as excited about them if they were priced more reasonably? What do you think of the craftmanship? Do you think they're well made?
  2. I'm sure there is a fair amount of profit in them but I think the quality is still excellent in the materials and the hand craftsmanship. Its not cheap to make shoes in Italy. :smile:
  3. Good question! I definitely think other shoes are of a higher quality - YSL, Gucci, choo, Chanel and many other lower priced options from Spain. But they are CL so they come with a certain level of exclusivity. And they are sexy as all Get out! I have definitely made a point of making sure they are more comfortable - I'd rather pay more for less obvious shoes if they are more comfortable. Likewise, I wait for CLs to go on sale as the inevitably do. But there is something about CLs that make them irresistible!
  4. Yes and no.

    For example, I think the basic styles like the patent & nappa So Kates & Pigalles are actually really reasonably priced for luxury shoes, at $625. I personally feel as though the quality is very high compared to my other shoes, such as Jimmy Choo (Choos I find rather disappointing in terms of quality, to be honest).

    I also love that Louboutins can be really seamless resoled with the Vibram, due to the lacquered sole, whereas shoes with that naked leather sole always show more demarcation in my experience.

    Certain styles, such as the spike styles, do seemed overpriced (double for some spikes does seem like a lot, though I'm sure they are hand applied, it just seems a bit extravagant) but in all honestly, that doesn't really keep me from lusting and subsequently purchasing-they are beautiful, exclusive and do seem to hold their value fairly well if maintained (though I'm aware that they are "still shoes"). Some of the prices certainly make me wince, but they are so sexy and well designed, I'm willing to pay the premium!
  5. Yes, the prices keep going up! Most of the shoes are machine made now to keep up with production. Lately, I've noticed some quality issues. The Pik Pik and strass are still handmade.
  6. Yupp, definitely overpriced! There are many identical quality shoes for a fraction of the price (designer shoes). Does that mean I'd stop buying them? Nope :P
  7. At this moment, they are overpriced, in my opinion. The high price should be reflected in flawless quality, great design, exclusivity. Only great design is still there, although I still don't understand why they murdered the old Pigalles, the all-times' Holy Grail of shoes...
  8. I believe they are but they are worth it and I would never stop wearing them!
  9. I have now purchased 5 pairs and each pair I have had issues with all of them. The lifts in the heel - after wearing them like only 3 times, the lift is grinded through to the nail - I have also had chipping/peeling at the edge of the soles too as well as thread pulling at the seams. All my other non-CL shoes I have not had so many issues esp. wearing them for such little time. I am surprised how quick the lifts give out and I claim never to buy CL shoes again but I end up doing so because I love the styles. But I think the cash we pay, I would like the shoes to be worn without such wear and tear showing up almost immediately.
  10. EXACTLY!!! WHY MESS WITH PERFECTION!!! I DON'T GET IT!:pout::censor::noggin::mad::wtf::confused1:
  11. First post here! :smile:

    In terms of price, yes, sometimes I can't justify it. My problem is: the higher heels, especially the ones I wear 140mm and up, are priced ridiculously high. I purchased a pair of Bianca Spikes awhile back and loved it! So I know I wouldn't hesitate to pay the price for a pair that I'll wear for years to come.

    Speaking of spikes, I am really disappointed with myself for not jumping on the red Lady Peep Spikes when it was first available. Priced ridiculously high, but it sold like hot cakes!
  12. I think a lot of the newer styles are overpriced- I've never been able to bring myself to pay more than $1k for a par of shoes and it seems like more and more of the styles are passing this mark. In the past couple of years, everything I have bought has either been on sale or from ebay.
  13. There are a pair of $10,000.00 CL's on eBay right now. I don't think any show is worth that price.
  14. Almost everything on this forum is over priced
  15. The basic models are really reasonably priced, for a pair of designer shoes that's made in Italy! In my experience the quality is excellent, I use them for special occasions and for dinning out as the red soles are a bit flashy.