Are Louboutin slingback espadrilles comfortable? heavy?

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  1. Just wondering if Louboutin espadrille wedges are heavy and if they are comfortable. I am interested in the gingham slingback ones in particular. Also, I usually wear a size 40.5 in Loubous so I guess I should get an 11/41 since they don't come in 1/2 sizes??

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!;)
  2. Do you have a picture of the ones you are talking about?
  3. I have the ginghams, what I would say is that they are sooooo low at the front, you have to like toe cleavage lol. They are literally like looking at your whole foot, as the fabric on the front is cut so narrow. The straps at the back do have lots of holes to adjust so you should be fine with the 1/2 size bigger.

    These are the ones I have :smile:

    and these are the non peep version, which would prob not be as great, as the backs are not adjustable?
  4. I was debating on getting the gingham ones. I like the peep toe much better. Are they comfortable? How do they sizes run?

    Saks has them on sale.

    I am loving these yellow satin version.
  5. These shoes are perfectly true to size :yes:
  6. Oooo. I definately like the yellow satin.
  7. i like the yellow too!
  8. I just ordered the yellow off of NM. They had free shipping. I couldn't resist.
  9. I ordered the red gingham platform CL espadrilles from Saks earlier in the season. I think they are sooo cute, and I love the toe cleavage.

    It broke my heart when I had to return them, though. Although they fit perfectly true to size in length and width, the sling is designed to sit way too low. Stupid design! The sling doesn't fit around the ankle. Rather, the sling sits low hitting the back of the lower heel.

    I have the Steven version of the closed-toe CL platform espadrille, and I love them to pieces. The CL version shows more toe cleavage than the Stevens, but at the time the CLs were only available on eBay and not in the stores. The Steven version was a fraction of the cost.
  10. Thanks for all the responses!

    What is the consensus on the comfort level? I know some Louboutins hurt but look so good lol.
  11. I have these and they are comfy:

  12. I have the gingham peep toes and I think they are pretty comfy. I wear them alot. I don't think I even got a blister the first time I wore them.
  13. The yellow is just TDF.