are long french tip nails still in style

  1. i see a lot of celebs wearing short nails with polish i never see any french tip acrilic nails any more ? i keep mine short cause i have kids and wipe butts all day but i use to like them
  2. I see French acrylics all the time. (Most of them are done badly, but hey, that's neither here nor there.) I have no idea if they're "in style" or not, but to be honest, I don't care about that sort of thing. I prefer colour on my nails. I used to wear French manis a lot in the 90's, but I rarely do it now.
  3. All I wear is a French Manicure or nothing at all on my nails.
    I guess I am one of the few who doesnt care for colors on my nails.
    They arent as long as I'd like but I have discovered they get weaker the longer I let them grow, but they are MY nails.
  4. I have french acrylics, but I keep mine pretty short. I would rather just do a french mani on my own nails, but it always chips right away and I get frustrated, so this is just easier. I don't like the look of long acrylics at all, especially not with a french manicure.
  5. No, French-tip nails are not "in style," and French-tipped acrylics definitely aren't. At least not here in Seattle, NYC, LA, or Boston, where I have friends, or according to any professional fashion sources...
  6. I think long acrylics of any type aren't really in style anymore, when you look at pictures of female celebs very few have them anymore. I do see people IRL with them, but I don't think they look good and they can make you appear high-maintenance. Shorter acrylics that aren't thick (like the poster a couple posts above has) are probably okay for people that don't have strong nails or want polish to last longer, since these don't usually look as fake.
  7. ^Yeah, people never realize mine are fake unless I tell them since I keep them short enough!
  8. I have had french tip acrylics off and on over the past four years and finally I think I am done with them. I can't just change the color and sometimes I like my nails shorter. After a while, your nails feel like they can't breathe and it takes months to grow them back out once you take off the acrylics. I do think short (or medium) NATURAL french tips are pretty. I do that a lot with mine and I think it looks really nice. I see a lot of people out with acrylic french tips and while they may look beautiful on someone else, I don't like them for me anymore.
  9. i often sport french tips

    i love the look because it looks very neat and clean

    goes with everything
  10. I think that lighter, shorter versions of french tips are more trendy. The old french manicure was long, oval nails with a stark contrast of bright white and the sheer pink. These days, it's more of a medium to short nail lengths with a pale white/pink combo to look more natural.
  11. I totally agree with this. I was tempted to get my nails painted instead of getting my normal french mani last time I got them filled. Like two days later, I found out that I have to go to a professional event and wear a suit, so I'm glad I just got french because it looks wayy more polished than the hot pink I wanted :p

    That's how mine are...they airbrush the french tip, so it's not as bright white as it would be if it were painted on. When I get home, I paint my own super pale pink polish over them so they look prettier :smile: and I don't feel like paying the salon more money to paint AND airbrush them when I can easily do it myself lol.
  12. I'm in the nY metropolitan area and french tips are always in. I would say that people tend to be wearing their nails a little on the shorter side. You can never go wrong with a french tip. The other option I still see a lot of as spring approaches is the pale pink or peige colors like bubble bath (OPI), etc.
  13. I see tons of people still wearing french tips. They seem to be pretty popular, even though I don't like the look. When it comes to nail trends I don't care whats "in style" I wear what I like.
  14. I don't really care for the acrylic look too much, but I still see it quite a bit. I see people with colorful tips moreso than white acrylic french tip, I think colorful nails are more 'in style' than french tips now.
  15. I think it's a regional thing and depends on where you live.