are light gray skinny jeans IN?

  1. I saw some on sale and am wondering if they are OUT OR IN? Please advise. Thanks
  2. I think so... Love them!
  3. love love them. I have a pair from True religion and wear them all the time with flats or a low heal.
  4. I'm wearing mine, so they must be the height of fashion. ;)
  5. Yeah, they're still in. :O)
  6. In!
  7. i don't know, but i love them. i wear mine most of the times.
    i'm not a blue jean kinda girl, i always bought my jeans in blacks and greys
  8. i have a pair and i love mine! in fact, i'm wearing them today :amuse:
  9. i love my gray TRs, so cute!
  10. yes they are in!! get them before they're gone b/c it's on sale right?
  11. thanks everyone! I'll go and take a look at them again this weekend! Happy Easter!
  12. I have a pair and love them!
  13. i love them!
  14. Definately in. I love light grey jeans (even though I only have one pair myself...)
  15. Definitely are.