Are Leopard pony hair CL's out?????

  1. I recently tried to sell a pair of Leopard Sevillana Pony Kamari CL's on eBay and NO ONE bid on them. They are completely sold out in stores at the price of $995.00. Are these shoes just "out" or do you think it is because of Xmas.......I absolutely love them, they are super hot. What gives??
  2. Hi Kristie, I don't think that leopard CLs can ever be 'out', they are ridiculously beautiful regardless of the shoe style, especially the sevillana. I don't think that they are sold out because a few of us TPFers recently picked up a pair, and they have been marked down.

    I bought mine on sale at Nordstrom for about $600.

    If you love them, then keep them. I love the sevillanas and think they are absolutely classic.
  3. what size is it? hehe i might snag it if it's my TS!
  4. Ahhhhh, that must be it......they were on sale! I have been trying to sell them with a price higher than the sale price because I paid $995.00 for them and figured I may be able to make a small profit on them. That must have been the issue.
  5. maybe if you wait a while until they are no longer available you'll be able to get the price you want.
  6. Nordstrom is actually sold out completely of the leopard Sevillana's now, except one or two sizes that are defective. Only about 2-3 stores got that shoe. You can try calling around but it's pretty much impossible to find now.
  7. You should try getting a price adjustment on them. Nordstrom has a very liberal price adjustment and return policy. So I'm sure that if you have a good relationship with an SA, you can get him/her to return the shoes at full price, and re-purchase at the sale price. They have done that for me in the past.

    Plus, I am sure that most people are shopping all of the sales that are going on in stores now. So no point for a potential buyer to pay over retail for a shoe when they can find a good deal on sale, and this season especially has been wonderful for CL sales. All of the wonderful shoes from fall are still available and are now at great prices.

    I am sure that after the holidays and all the sales are over, that shoe will be in greater demand because by then it will be all sold out. So just be patient.
  8. Aaaahhhhh the art of patience.......something I am so not very good at....*sigh* I will have to be though.....
  9. I paid over $700 even though I was able to grab them on sale a couple of weeks ago so I'm sure you will be able to sell them at your price. But, like foxy said it's my understanding that they are sold out. I know I got the last pair in my size range. Why don't you just return them and at least get back what you paid, which was the original price? If that Nordies sticker is on there, you will have no problem! :smile:

    Regardless, good luck selling them. They are gorgeous shoes!

    As Kamilla stated, there are some great shoes on sale, but I have found most of them are sold out. I get irritated seeing the sale price, but then I remember that I wouldn't have been able to get them anyways b/c they were all gone come sale time. lol
  10. Out? No way! I tried to sell a pair of shoes I bought online and didn't fit and NO ONE bid on them. No one! I think people are reluctant to buy on eBay because they're afraid of getting scammed. #%$#@ counterfeiters are ruining it for everyone!
  11. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. I paid full price for this in September, well past the two week time period for price adjustments. I called to check so now I am miserable knowing I could have paid a more reasonable price for them.

    I was just minding my own business on the escalator heading up to the restroom when they screamed "BUY ME" to me from the display. I hemmed and hawed for a long while as the $995 + tax and expedited delivery would be the most I ever paid for CL and finally broke down and handed over my amex. I was fiending for leopard pony hair CLs and saw these beauties and damn near lost my mind. Patience was never one of my virtues!

    I guess it was safer for me to buy them then and there because as it was, the SF nordies did not have my size and had to ship them to me from Canoga Park.