Are Legacy Boutique items excluded?

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  1. I'm interested in the suede aubergine Barrett (12811). Sand can be ordered on the regular website, but aubergine is limited to Legacy Boutique (states this on the 'suede Barrett' page). I went to the LB page and it's not pictured at all????? I'm wondering if I can order the aubergine w/my PCE or will it be excluded since it's new Legacy??? But I thought Legacy Boutique is NOT excluded.
  2. My SA said that any Legacy that has a style number beginning with "1" is excluded.
  3. I hope that's not true because Legacy Boutique items are in a separate category. I was also told 'old' Legacy items are included. I'm going to call JAX and check.
  4. Old legacy items are included (ie gigi, leigh, shoulder bag, flap). New legacy bags are excluded and anything that requires a "charge send" (as opposed to a "found order") is also excluded. Complicated I know. :shrugs:

    According to the list of excluded items, pce cannot be used on the Barrett in any colour, including the legacy boutique version.

    However, with all this confusion and inconsistencies, who knows? It's at least worth a try. The aubergine is lovely. Good luck!
  5. I've been able to purchase/order several items (on PCE) that are marked online as Legacy Boutique Exclusives, I think, because they were available to order from JAX.

    So if you have a boutique nearby, go in to try! While in the boutique, don't ask if the item is excluded because that will get them to thinking. Just give them the style numbers that you want to purchase, the worse that will happen is that they'll say no.

    I think JAX will probably tell you that anything from L.B. is excluded, but it seems the boutiques operate with looser rules.
  6. I'm planning to order a Bridgit (in camel, which is 'old' and should be included) and either a Sabrina or Barrett. Barrett if they will let me! Bridgit is technically 'new' Legacy, but not in camel!