Are Leathers and Hardware Seasonal/trendy?

  1. 1. Does anyone know if they have seen certain leathers come out more depending on the season (example: Box comes out more during the summer b/c of less rain)

    2. Does Hermes follow Trends of the fashion industry in regards to type of leather, hardware, or colors?

    TIA.....However, sorry if these questions have been asked before...If so, please direct me to where I may find out the answers to these questions.:heart:
  2. Good question. I just know that Toile is highly seasonal and usually introduced during the Spring. It seems to me that certain leathers/colors are more pervasive once a good batch/mix is found between color and leather. Then you see a lot of it--i.e., Rouge Garance in Epsom and Clemence. I wonder if they do follow fashion trends. I know that red was big MUST for the fall season in terms of accessories and Le Monde was littered with items in Rouge Garance.
  3. Thanks for some answers Orchid, Yours answers made lots of sense!! ;) :heart:

    Anyone else??? Has anyone noticed any trends?
  4. Ok, not sure about Hermes, but in general in Europe suede seems to be a winter thing. Coincidentally H did produce some Birkins in suede this past winter.

    The other thing i notice is that Parisian women seem to carry their Birkins in togo or other textured squashy leathers in the summer, and in winter they switch to box, perhaps for a more dressy, formal look, since winter clothing is more formal than summer dressing.
  5. My jeweller told us last year all European women are going back to yellow gold jewellery. They're ditching the white gold & platnum.

    A few months ago, my SA told me everyone is doing their SO's in yellow gold this podium, after YEARS of palladium. There must be a trend!
  6. Wait, does that mean if you want to order something with silver hardware, it will take longer then? *panicking*
  7. ^^Thanks WN and GF!!

    ^^KOU - Think **POSITIVE** thoughts!! Your "DREAM" something will come
  8. I would actually guess that you would receive it faster since there is more of it at the workshops. I'm sure they have plenty in stock of both palladium and gold :yes: .
  9. ^ and some colors are just usually done with palladium (like BJ and, yes fuchsia)