Are Leather Key tags made for purchase?

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  1. #1 Mar 1, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2014
    Rise and SHINE!

    How is everyone on this Saturday winter morning? Hopefully great as we all scatter to get our last min LV purchases in before the price increase :smile:

    My question is:
    Does LV make leather key tags "Clochette" for purchase? If so, how much do they retail for?

    I'd love to get one heat stamped and put it on my Marylebone as a charm. I don't want to risk metal on metal to prevent scratching.

    Make it a great day and can't wait to see more REVEALS!
  2. yes, it is considered a spare part
    and it cost about 60$
  3. you are my FAVORITE!
    Always willing to help and fast at responses!

    I guess I'll have to make one more trip back, hehe

  4. now SECOND Questions:

    What is your preference on hotstamping, RED or GOLD?

    I love the red lining on DE (the Marylebone does not come that way), but I also feel like it's to subtle that's why I'm considering gold.

    What do you guys think because I've actually never have seen any heatstamps IRL.
  5. Gold all the way. Looks elegant and goes very well with DE.
  6. I have the DE clochette and was wondering the same thing in terms of color for heat stamp. I think I'm leaning towards the gold.
  7. Gold!!!
  8. I would do the gold, but per my SA if you keep the keys inside the color may chip off.
    They would most probably have to order it for you as a spare part for "your Alma". Mine arrived two weeks after I ordered it, $60.
  9. I've been wanting one too!
    I went to my store (Lenox in Buckhead) and asked my SA ( a manager )
    and he said that he was not sure and I needed to speak with the girl who works in repairs, who was not there today :/
  10. I got lucky because they had one on hand! Picking her up tomorrow
  11. Yes, my SA was very knowledgeable and informed me the same thing. He also recommend medium to small print due to the bending. I love SA's who are honest and make good suggestions like these.

    Was your order recent? I paid for mine today (picking it up tomorrow, because they were pretty busy) and it was 70?