Are Lanvin sneakers comfortable?

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  1. Hi,
    I've never bought designer sneakers before, apart the sneaker-wedges by Marant, but they are not real sneakers. I am currently in love with a pair of Lanvin sneakers (the ones with the cap toe) and I would like to ask if they are comfortable and supportive? They don't have to be as comfy as Onitsuka Tiger or Nike Air but are they at least cushioned and breathable?
    Thank you very much in advance.
  2. I have the cap toe high tops, and I find them pretty comfortable. I find them supportive, and I can walk long distances in them. They are nowhere near as padded as non-designer sneakers, but they also look a lot cuter! I also have the IM wedge sneakers, and they are definitely more comfortable than those. I wouldn't hesitate to get them if the only thing holding you back is worrying that they won't be comfortable.
  3. I find them very comfortable - way more than any of the Isabel Marant styles - and they're well made and last for ages. I'm about to replace my black pair :smile:
  4. +1. I really love mine, I walk hours in them. They are very comfortable and I like that I can wear them with dresses too.

  5. I have some high tops, they are moderately comfortable. I do have to wear longer socks with them, as the leather edge scratched me.

    They do take a while to get into, and the ribbon shoelaces are delicate.

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393617069.836605.jpg I have a pair of sheepskin ferragamo high tops that are amazing! Not a whole lot of arch support, but very breathable and warm in the winter.
  6. I tried them on in store and they felt fine. I didn't buy it though because my feet are so wide that it just didn't feel right. HTH