Are knee high boots still 'in' this season?

  1. Is the look of knee high boots with skirts and dresses still a yes? I have not bought any seasons past but was thinking about purchasing some now that it is getting colder but do not want to spend the money if I am late getting on that fashion bus. Advice? :confused1:
  2. always ;)
  3. Aren't they always? I have been doing skirts and dresses with knee high boots for years.
  4. ^^ me too. been a staple outfit for years. i like to mix it up with diff colors of boots, different materials, wedge vs heel, etc.
  5. knee high boots are always in :smile:
  6. Agreed. A classic.
  7. Knee boots are always "in" - definitely a classic and a wardrobe staple. Ankle boots may come and go, but knee boots... always.

  8. Me too. I hope they are still in because I just bought some I haven't even worn yet.
  9. LOL OMG I'm addicted to knee high boots in the winter time. I spent one year in South Beach, including last winter so I never wore them last season so I am making up for then I guess. I have bought 3 pairs of black alone for this winter. LOL I have Prada ones from a few seasons ago, the Jimmy Choo classic black kid leather ones in 100 mm, and the Jimmy Choo Beach (on their way) as my designer pairs and then cute Enzo Pave ones as my everyday. I have issues I know. LOL
  10. absolutely! Always a 'do'!
    The heel may change every couple of years, but the look is classic!
  11. :tup: I absolutely agree with everyone on this thread that said that knee high boots are a staple and a winter must!!!! I doubt this will every go out of style. Not only does it look great, but its super practical, especially for those in cooler climates! :p