Are keyfobs commonly faked also?

  1. A new seller on eBay has been auctioning a variety of Coach keychains. He's got some of the $98 ones also that have sold for less than $20. Feedback states they are coming from Hong Kong. Are they likely not authentic?
  2. i'm willing to bet they are fake. there is lots of info on fake key rings in the Authenticate This thread in the coach shopping forum. hyacinth is our resident fake expert...along w/ many others of course!
  3. A lot of it is I believe, which sucks cause there are a lot of cute ones that I've missed but I refuse to buy any keyfobs off eBay.
  4. At least ninety percent of the keyfobs on eBay are fake. And if they're coming from Hong Kong or anywhere else in China or SE Asia, they're DEFINITELY fake. Coach doesn't sell their keychains, bags or wallets to wholesalers, whether in the US or outside it.

    Newly, can you post a link to one of the seller's listings?
  5. Yes ^ at least that many. And half of them aren't even Coach designs they just make up some random ugly thing.
  6. Yes - Most Probably fake, esp. if the seller has lots in same design.
    I've been to places like Shanghai and southern China for work and counterfeit Coach products can be found in abundance. A keychain could go for USD 8.
  7. I would say that most of the ones that are fake are the metal ones. I havent seen fakes of the little leather animals, but it is possible. But a lot of the multi-charm ones on ebay are fake- some of them are designs that were never even made (like hello kitty?? i dont get that!)
  8. alllllll fake!
  9. Yep, that is fake...look at the Coach losenge, not even centered. Also, I believe this one also had a dog leash clip, so that is another clue right there.
  10. Most likely, they are all fakes. I hate it when I type "Coach keyfob" in the eBay search bar, and I get all these fakes that I have to scroll through. Sooo annoying! Be sure to get your keyfob auctions authenticated, because you don't want to end up paying $50 for a fake keyfob.
  11. Oh yes, I hae even bought a fake one myself...:push: but end up being able to return it due to wonderful authentication gals here! :shame:
  12. The animals are faked too. The monkey is a prime example of a highly fakes animal keyfob.