Are Keepalls and Carryalls really heavy and awkward to carry?

  1. I was telling my aunt I wanted a tobago carryall or the keepall 45 with shoulder strap and she said:

    "DO NOT get a carry all - once it has stuff in it they are TOO heavy to carry - imagine carrying a huge speedy full of stuff - your poor arm !!"

    About the keepall 45 with shoulder strap she said:
    "That's just like a BIG Speedy - think about it. Even with a shoulder strap, it hurts the shoulder & neck area !"

    She also said:
    "when those carry-alls are filled with stuff they are very heavy & awkward to carry. I use my Burberry duffel bag to carry stuff to work so I just carry it from the car into the office so that's okay. But I used it one time to travel & had to carry it from the airport security to the plane and from the plane to where the luggage comes out, it was awful !! When it comes to luggage, you need wheels !!"

    What do you all think? :shrugs:
  2. i think your aunt is a big complainer. lol. she sounds like my complaining up the ass friends that complain about everything and everyone because god forbid the world is not going to their liking. sorry for that, but i've held my friend's (way!) overloaded keepall 45's and 50's and they weren't even THAT uncomfortable. i mean, it's heavy, but then again, it IS a lot of clothes inside.. what do you expect?

    i do think that the fabric/materials used to make the bag helps.. like a damier geant souverian instead of a carryall is a lot lighter to carry.. or a prada duffle over a burberry duffle.

    it'd really be better if you space vacuumed all your clothes.. then everything would be lighter and more compact. haha.
  3. it's the same as any other luggage without wheels. my keepall 60 isn't too bad to carry... i don't use it for trips that are longer than a few days, because it gets waaayyyy too heavy! uncomfortable, no. heavy, definitely!
  4. hm....i am a small girl (5'1" and 100lbs) and i stuffed my 55 keepall to the brim and carry it around the airport without too much problem. i would either hold it by the handles or carry it on the crook of my arm. i don't use the strap though because that can cut off my shoulder circulation. HTH.
  5. I dont find my keepall to heavy or awkwards.
  6. I use my Tobago Carryall all the time in NYC. Even when it's filled completely full it never feels heavy or awkward. It's too small of a small to to like that. Carryall's are a great everyday bag for a guy
  7. Is your aunt carrying books? :confused1: I have a 55 that I carry stuffed with clothes and shoes both on travels and to the gym and I don't find it heavy or awkward at all
  8. More compact, maybe, but certainly not lighter. In fact, your fully packed carryall would weight 2-3 times more, since it would have 2-3 times more clothes in it! :wtf:
  9. I LOVE my keepalls! I have a 45 that I use for my personal products and a 55 that I use for overnight trips.

    Unless you're planning on hitchiking...the carry time to and from the car or to and from the airport baggage claim is so minimal...I say get one!
  10. i love the Carryall. everytime i go to the store in Toronto i look at it, and it's pretty lightweight :yes:. i don't think it'll be that heavy when you fill it
  11. It does get VERY heavy, if you are going to travel for a long time. For these reasons, I just use it for weekend getaways!
  12. I do find it heavy for long periods when I am hand holding it, but that's why I have a strap. Overall I love my keepalls enought to have 3...and want a carryall, tobago red ;)
  13. how funny is that.
    ITsn the carry all /keepall meant for overnight/travel? of course its going to get heavy it have you add heavy stuff. Never mind a keepall 55 +

    I guess if you're looking for something smaller but with a shoulder strap you could go for the mono stephen.
    check out the size, its not much smaller then the carry all or mc keepall 45
    carry all .jpg stephen Mono.jpg mc keepall.jpg
  14. I'm weak...I like wheels
  15. I think this really depends on the person doing the packing and the carrying. I tend to pack in quite a few bottles and books and it does get heavy. I agree with your aunt, I would stick to wheels when I fly.

    I take my keepall on car trips.