Are Keds making a comeback?

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  1. I've always thought Keds (white Champion oxfords) were cute. I wore them in high school and college when they were more popular, but I really haven't seen anyone wear them for several years.

    Now in the past three days I have seen at least five girls wearing them...nice new ones. Even the SA in the Nordstrom athletic apparel section was wearing them. They seem to come and go. Are they back in style?
  2. The amount of girls I see wearing Keds here in London is unbelievable. On a 100m stretch of high street, you'd probably see about 30-40 people wearing them!
    I dont find them femenine enough for me!
  3. They're often worn by the teen population/ hospitality section of the population here. My sisters love them, and while they are cute I agree with the previous post, aren't terribly feminine. And to me they have a age limit... anyone over 18 is probably pushing it in my view... some very cute patterns though :biggrin:
  4. Keds are just casual sport shoes.... so it doesn't matter if you're a kid, teenager, or adult of ANY age - wear them if you like them. Just like Converse, there is NO age limit when it comes to wearing these type of shoes. Keds and Converse are fun and colorful and it doesn't matter how old you are to wear these type of shoes. However, I will say that both shoe brands are pretty flat, so they are not the most comfortable shoes to wear all day when you are walking around the city a lot.