Are Jessica Simpson and Owen Wilson dating??

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    these pics show Jessica leaving a hotel after (apparently) a date with Owen Wilson, although she's hidden it shows the same shoes and bag as she had on earlier. are they really dating? i can't imagine them together!
  2. That would be a very odd combo. I don't believe it until they are out in publc holding is to hard to believe the media these days.
  3. ^^^ Yeah, they would make a very strange couple. Maybe they had a business meeting or something - a movie together?
  4. God, I hope not.
  5. Ummm If this is true, shouldn't he be taking care of himself first b4 getting involved with anyone? I dunno, seems like a strange couple to me either way.
  6. Maybe she just had sex with him.....doesnt mean they are dating LOL!
  7. ^ That is a good point...happens all the time in Hollywood...but I would like to think they are just friends.
  8. Well they have the Texan thing in common. Maybe Owen likes her drawl? :p
  9. Who knows. I mean it's not like any of them have standards really.
  10. they were at the same party this weekend, Willie Nelson was there too:yes:
    lots of Texans were there.
  11. Friends with benefits lol.
  12. Jessica Simpson’s Relationships Planned By Management?
    November 13th, 2007

    New reports are claiming that Jessica Simpson’s management team strategically plant rumors of relationships brewing for their pop star in order to drum up some good publicity. The John Mayer relationship was perfectly planned around her new album dropping while the latest rumors about Owen Wilson are to help promote her country transition. They even go onto to say that Owen was specifically selected because he is from Texas and owns the publics sympathy at the moment.

    "When Jess last had a new album coming out, that’s when she was introduced to John. She’s got her first country album coming out, so now she’s been conveniently introduced to Owen, who is a fellow Texan. Better yet, the public is sympathetic to him.”​


  13. i hope not. i like owen wilson.
  14. I like Owen too. . . I think some gossp rags try and give too much credit to some of these people. . . I don't think it was planned.
    They're both from Dallas are and share friends or managers:shrugs: