Are JC Boots True to Size?

  1. Does anyone know of the flat, fur-lined JC boots run true to size? I'm a true size 6.5 and found a size 7. Would they be too big?

  2. I have two pairs of flat rabbit lined JC boots. I ordered up a half size on the Yang boots in order to wear heavier socks. I stayed true to size with the Yeva style. The Yevas, even though a 1/2 size smaller than the Yang, seem bigger. Which style are you interested in?
  3. [​IMG]
    Well they were this one but now the 7 is gone! Is it worth hunting down?
  4. Those are so cute. I have seen them on and off at Saks, so keep looking! I have always found Choo to run pretty true to size on their flat boots. I have 3 pairs from current and past seasons.
  5. The boots pictured are the Yang, the one I went up a 1/2 size. I got the black from Saks. If you are a 36.5 and get a 37, just wear thicker socks. Good luck finding them.
  6. I have these in both Black & Cognac (brown) and I am typically a 5.5 and the black are 6's and the cognac are 5's. Both feel great and I highly recommend grabbing a pair (or two) :graucho:

    Just keep going to the SFA site, they will be back!
  7. Hi, *WAVES* I'm new to the Forums!! I bought the YEVA boots and found them to be 1/2 a size to a full size larger than normal. Does anyone know if CHoo's WHIRL boots also run large? I put two UGG Wool insoles in my YEVAS and fixed the problem as the smaller sizes had already sold out.
  8. Hi cuteoverload and welcome.:heart: I was unable to return your pm message. I think you didn't have enough posts. Glad your boots worked for you! I, too have used the Uggs insoles for other boots. I don't have the whirl boots so am not sure, most of my Choos have run pretty true to size with the Yevas being just slightly larger.
  9. Hi, thank for the lovely welcome :biggrin: I love my Yevas... and you are right.. they really are only slightly larger than a typical choo 37.
  10. :smile: