Are Japanese Magazine free designer gifts authentic?

  1. Hi, Sorry if this is in the wrong area but I searched and found no info.
    I see that alot of Japanese magazines come with free designer gifts like coach scarves, Marc jacobs totes, tory burch make up case and etc etc.
    Are these authentic items from each designer? I notice they sell on eBay for less than $20 and was wondering if they were fake. Any info would be great! Thanks!
  2. what are the magazines? I'd like to see as well!! but for the price I'd highly doubt it? How much can the magazine cost probably $20 max?
  3. Generally they are authentic and made for the Japanese market only.
  4. they are real
    i go to Japan once a year and buy them on
    its like a promotional gift
    some are well made but others aren't so much
    i recently got the Christian Louboutin bag with 25ans
    Magazines are $10 or less at the bookstores in Japan so they buy it an resell it
    The collection books, like Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter with a gift, are about $15 or so
  5. yes they are, but do not expect they have the same quality as those on retail, because they are just free gifts from sponsor :smile:
  6. They are real, I've got recently small YSL tote with a magazine about YSL cosmetic.
    DSC00284a.JPG DSC00285a.JPG DSC00289a.JPG
  7. Sorry I must not have been clear. I meant they are not real items u would see Inside the boutique.

  8. ^^No they are manufactured especially for the magazine.
  9. Thanks! So do the designers work with the magazines in making these items?
  10. I've heard so much about these and the promos. Is there a way you can receive in it NYC with the promo? Or its only for Japan?
  11. You might be able to get them in NY from imported magazines from Japan.... But I have never seen them in NY. I have only seen them in Japan. It's to encourage people to buy the magazines. Magazine subscriptions are not as popular overseas as in the US, so magazines circulation depends a lot on newsstand sales.
  12. They sell these magazines in Little Tokyo (Japanese area of Los Angeles) in the bookstore where Curry House is. I've also seen them in Chinese bookstores. They were aplenty in all the bookstores in Taiwan. It's a fun incentive to purchase the fashion magazines, but dont expect anything fabulous. They are more like gift with purchases ... so imagine a clinique bag that comes along with your "gift with purchase". Great perk, nothing to write home about.
  13. So it's kind like Lanvin for H&M or Mulberry for Target..... They designers work with the magazine to create a free gift. Cool.
  14. ships internationally through fed ex but it costs a lot to ship unless you find a bunch of people to order about 20-25 magazines (then its about $5 a magazine to ship)

    Try checking eBay, if its popular some Japan sellers list it or you might get luck and find a US seller who brings in the magazines

    I think they do this across Asia, I always check this blog to see what new freebies are coming out:
    They show some Chinese and Taiwanese magazines that comes with gifts along with the Japanese ones
  15. Kinokuniya also has locations in the US :smile: