Are "inspired by" bags a cardinal sin?

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  1. Alright, I already know the answer, ladies. I know there is no substitute for the real thing, especially the quality, the feel of the leather, and most of all the feeling you get of getting the right bag. But I feel like I need a quick fix trendy handbag to add to my "safe" high quality collection. I just saw a cute inspired-by Fendi Spy bag on amazon. Tell me the truth... is it worth it?
  2. I recently read an article about knock off bags and who profits from their sale. The article said that the money from the sale of fake/immitation/inspired by (whatever you want to call them) merchandise including bags, sunglasses, jewelry, and other designer wanabee duds goes directly into the pocket of terrorist groups. So it was probably produced out of the country by a sweat shop and its sale is funding a terrorist organization in another country that is plotting against the US.
    After learning this horrible truth I would have to say that it is a cardinal sin! Just hit up a TJ Maxx or Loemans for an after Christmas Sale and score a designer bag from the clearance section!
  3. Now that you mention it, I do remember hearing something like that; Im glad you said somthing. I am always preaching that Im tired of buying everything "Made in China" and those knock offs are all but guaranteed to be something that is made in a sweatshop in a third world country or have shady origins. Besides, with ******, free shipping offers, coupon codes, and a little good old fashioned research, we can all buy what we want in quality handbags made by real craftsmen, (and not necessarily spend a grand doing it!) I think we should all calm down until after Christmas when everything will be on sale.
  4. I don't think that there is anything wrong with an "inspired" bag from a legitimate label, if that's what you're talking about. For example, I always see teenagers who carry XOXO bags or even D&B around printed in the same colors and general patterns as LV but that clearly aren't LV. They abuse their bags and maybe can't afford LV but I don't see anything wrong with them liking the style and opting for a less expensive similar (but not the same) alternative.

    This is entirely different from buying an actual illegal knock-off, discussed ad nauseum elsewhere on this site, where the funds are actually connected to the black market and therefore there exists a chance that they are funding terrorism and drug-trafficking, and by definition actually are funding organized crime (because the smuggling and sale of these items post passage of the Anti-counterfeiting Consumer Protection Act in 1996 is a violation of RICO).

    Perhaps the old saying, when applied to handbags, should be altered to "Inspiration is the sincerest form of flattery," since inspiration (which I am using here to mean a style influenced by but not copied from others) is, IMO, a viable legal affordable alternative while imitation is just illegal.
  5. That's a bunch of propaganda that our media is feeding you.
    I wouldn't believe that unless you research the subject a bit more. Just my two cents - but i do agree with you regarding hitting up sales :heart: