are ice blue city's hard to find?

  1. I don't know if I should continue the search or stick with a first bag that is availible online now.

    are the ice blue city's hard to find? are they okay priced when they are listed?
  2. I've seen a few ice blue Bbags on eBay every now and then in different styles, the prices are good considered most of them were listed around 500-700 for a bbag, but the problem is, it was still hard to justify buying/bidding on them because how much a tiny little stain/mark shows--being ice blue, it's like practically white, imagine putting just a pen mark on a white piece of shows alot...especially the handles, once they're darkened, they look so dirty! hope that helps:smile:
  3. there was one up about 2 days ago? so maybe it's sold already?
  4. a great condition ice blue is always hard to find....these babies get dirty so easily :smile: good luck hunting!!
  5. Yeah, I saw an auction for one a few days ago, seems like it was around $1100 or $1200 and in like new condition.
  6. Thanks girls .. the ice blue first on eBay got sold while I was sleeping, but maybe I should wait untill a city comes along..:confused1:
  7. Hi Mai Britt,
    there's one on eBay right now!! :yahoo: Good luck !!

    MyPoupette_Authentic *RARE* DISCONTINUED COLOR *MINT* Item number: 230062825347
  8. Sorry, that's a SKY blue. Not ICE. My bad. :shame: