Are House-warming parties selfish?

  1. We just moved (Friday) to a house! Yeah!!

    Everyone is saying that we need to have a housewarming party, but I have always thought that those were a selfish way of asking or expecting a gift. For us, this is a huge deal (we have a 5 year old and have been in tiny apartments til now) and are very proud and thankful for this opportunity to just have a great roof over our heads!

    We have a lot of friends and family (and finally the space) and want to have a bbq, and want to do something unique for our guests.

    Any ideas on how to have a housewarming party that is geared more towards "thanking" our friends and family instead of giving the impression that we are "expecting" something?

  2. Congrats on your new home!! I think a wonderful, heartfelt message on your invitation just as you are saying it in your post is fabulous!

    You can just say 'no gift please; your presence is our present' or maybe that's too cheezy.

  3. Congratulations on your new home!

    I completely agree with Pursegrrl. However, you will, most likely, receive gifts. Your friends and family are excited for you and want to share in your joy. Accept them gracefully and enjoy the party! You deserve it!
  4. ^^I agree with her- or something equally cheesy like "What to bring: You and yourself only!" or similar.
  5. I think people will bring you gifts even if you ask them not to. They're happy for you and want to celebrate your new home with you. Accept what they bring you and enjoy your party!

  6. Housewarmings are A-OK! As others have mentioned just say no gifts. At the very minimum you will end up with a bunch of wine and perhaps a few plants. :tup:

    Congratulations on your new home!
  7. Selfish? Of course not! You're celebrating getting a new home which is exciting!

  8. congrats!! no housewarmings are not set up a registry for your wedding so i feel like its the same thing.
  9. not selfish at end up feeding the people, they usually bring a small gift.

    you could say no gifts, but you'll still get them!

    enjoy and congrats! feels so good to own your own home.
  10. I agree that if you just want to have a party you can put something in the invite to that effect. I was invited to an Xmas party a friend had shortly after she bought her house and I just asked if I should bring an ornament for the tree or something and she said no, it's just a party. Since she didn't say either way I figured I'd just ask her.
  11. CONGRATS! No I dont think they are selfish. If it were me I'd throw a bbq just like you. If you are sending out invitations or an Evite, dont list a registy or mention gifts at all. That is tacky & bad etiquette.
  12. no not selfish - congrats on the house of course.

    I agree, don't mention gifts, just make sure everyone is well fed on the day ;). usually that way people get their gifts' worth, KWIM? plus everyone will be happy to bring something for your new house.

    selfish to me is when you invite people to the church for your wedding and not to the reception afterwards and still expect a gift.... (yes I know people who did/ do that)
  13. i don't think it's selfish at all - you will, most likely, go to a housewarming for most of the people that will come to yours, and most likely, you will buy them a gift, so it all works out. if the idea of gifts makes you uncomfortable, i don't think it's unreasonable at all to mention that they shouldn't worry about bringing one when sending out the invites.
  14. I have gone to several house warming parties over the past few years, but they were thrown for the homeowners by someone else, not the homeowners. And they were mostly gift card parties. The last one only gift cards were asked to be brought. They were lots of fun. I usually just do a $25.00 gift card to Target or Lowes.

    and then I make sure I eat $25 worth of food while I'm at the party......kidding!
  15. Wherever or whatever I'm invited to in someone else's home I always take a hostess gift, doesn't matter on the ocassion.