Are "hot" bags more "available"???

  1. Hi There -

    Happy New Year to all - May we all be blessed with health and lots of little (and big) orange bags this new year!

    So....I recently visited my "local" H store for the first time...Riverside Square Mall, Hackensack, NJ. Saves me lots of traffic and a hefty GWB toll :smile:. The store is small-ish, but about twice the square footage of the Manhasset location.

    Anyway - I was really really shocked to see the inventory. Kelly's, Birkins, Trims, even this unbelievable red croc kelly with a diamond clasp. It made my heart melt.

    When I first started collecting H bags, it was 2001 and my husband and I couldn't find a kelly or birkin anywhere - we traveled and traveled and finally came across one in Marbella, Spain.

    Now, when you visit NYC or the other stores in the area, you can always find "something". It may not be the color you want, or the exact style....but they are there, on the regular shelfs for the taking.


    Has H boosted production to the point where they are meeting demand and now bags sit?

    If this has been brought up before, sorry....I have been "gone" from the forum for a while.

    Be well to all!


    PS - when I get a chance...i'll have to post some pics of my latest "finds" :smile:. The hanukah rabbi was good to me this year :smile: .
  2. hermescollector, I just read a thread yesterday where Birkins and Kelly's disappear off the store shelves as quickly as they are put on. With the exception of Exotics that might stick around a week at most. I'm glad to hear that your H boutique seems to be regularly stocked. :smile:
  3. I think that the two newest stores, NJ and Wall St, tend to have a good selection. Maybe to make sure they build a good customer base?

    My local SA said that next year they will be buying/getting more bags "just fto put out in the store" as opposed to mostly bags that have been ordered by someone. Maybe a policy change?
  4. I don't see how it could be policy change, unless they are just producing more Birkinsand other high demand bags?
  5. Maybe taking less SO's and PO's, but increasing the basic amount shipped to each store :biggrin:?
  6. i was told this --word for word
  7. ITA^^, I have had words with an SA that has helped me and orders are fewer this podium. It was almost the feeling you are lucky if you get one order at all. (quite possibly due to a new policy never know)
  8. Well if people are starting to grab whtever birkin/kelly they can get, the bespoke part is rather useless and a step in this direction seems natural. It's kind of sad though.
  9. I also got the impression that the orders might be fewer and harder to get, but there would be more bags received just to put on the shelf for walk in customers who were lucky to be there at the time.
  10. In my part of the world, exotics sell faster than non-exotics. They never make it to the shelves ever, because of unsatiable demand.
  11. ^ *sigh* In my parts, all sell out quickly (both exotics and non). It really doesn't matter, especially if it's a birkin. Only the kellys are quite plentiful and easily found on the floor.
  12. I live in England, anything Hermes is practically impossible to get, we're lucky enough to get the snootiest SA's and the stingiest managers - that make bad choices (There's been a travel birkin (I want a travel Birkin) in 45 cms, but in a dull colour, and it's been on display in manchester for about 3 months - as far as I can remember :p)
  13. I actually think this would be a great company policy. After all, it gets depressing to visit H stores repeatedly and not see ANY birkins or kellys when you know lots of people are hunting for them with pockets full of cash. Constantly not having these highly coveted bags on display really is quite dispiriting to the customers and not to mention lowers morale for SAs (who know all the lists are closed/ can't help you no matter what).

    Just by having a FEW around really makes going into the store much more fun even if they fly off the shelves in less than 24 hours. I can actually visualize color/leather/hardware combinations now.

    SO orders or meant to be rare. PO orders are meant for lucky people or VIPs. So for the rest of us, a little bit of randomness and unexpectedness is actually quite lovely! I think this is how a customer-centric store is supposed to be.