Are Hermes Pocket Squares large enough to use as headbands?

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  1. I am just discovering the beauty of the scarves. Do you think the pocket squares are large enough to use as a headband? I wear a headband nearly every day and these would give me so many more beautiful options! :graucho:
  2. What about a Twilly as a head band? The small scarves are 16 inch square.
    The cotton scarves might be an option also.
  3. Thank you!
    The small scarves will probably be too small.
    I will probably ask for a Twilly; I was looking at the website and there are some very cute ones!
  4. I bought a pocket square to wear as a head band and also around my neck. IT DID NOT FIT ME! I wear a medium in hats and the thing just would not fit. I would try it on at the store before purchasing it.
  5. Yes! I use my pocket squares as headbands all the time! There's not much left at the bottom when you tie them (at least for me) but it's just enough. :shame:
  6. I just tried a 15x15 handkerchief and it works! Yippee!
    I would love to check out a Hermes store, but I live in Louisiana.
    We might be going to Vegas in March so I will definitely be checking the stores out then!
    Thanks again for all the help. :smile:
  7. Whew! You had me worried I had a big head!!!!........................No jokes please!!!:P
  8. ^^^I was going to say....NO WAY!!! I have a BIG F*T Head:P ....and I'm not even going to attemt a pouchette for a head band...but I will do a ponytail and tie it to my ponytail.

    HG....Thanks for doing the WNumber thread!! I only stay here in the Hermes thread.
  9. a pouchette will not fit me either.:Push:
  10. I you fold a pocket square in half to make a triangle shape, then roll it(or fold more) to make it as a head band, it will have plenty of space left to tie on the bottom.

    Did you fold it in half that makes a rectangle shape? If you do that, it's not even going to fit on a baby's head!!!
  11. I am afraid to try and have to come back and tell you that my head is too big even with your triangle suggestion.:sweatdrop: