Are Hermes leather clothing best in the world?

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  1. I have always loved the leather and time-less design on the Hermes leather garments but do you ladies agree they really the best in the world in terms of quality? What about brands like Loewe and Ferragamo?
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    well leather items like small leather good or bags etc yes they are

    leather clothing - well i personally find them verry good but i also like jitrois, j.mendel, fendi, valentino ,chado ralph rucci, akris etc
    with clothing for me it is also very important how the item looks like not only quality kwim? i mean quality is almway important for me but i won´t buy the "best" if i do not like it and this goes for everything not only clothes
    but the "best of all" would be some couture houses these are top notch when it comes to leather ready to wear.
  3. There was a thread about this some while ago and Hermes don't make the leather clothing themselves. Have a search and see if you can find the thread because it turns out if you buy their manufacturers own brand then it's significantly cheaper but still great quality
  4. personally, I can't find anything I like from Hermes RTW.
  5. Have to say I agree Allan, not much to suit my taste....but then that may change
  6. I like some H r-t-w, but some of it just baffles

    I have an H deer suede jacket that is gorgeous, but the suede is not any nicer than some of the other designers. Their fitted leather jackets are just not cut for me (you have to be very flat-chested to fit into most of them).

    I like Chanel, LV, Blumarine, etc - some of the fabrics are so much nicer than the H fabrics.
  7. When I saw you had posted Rana your mink popped into my head, now that's one piece of RTW I would looooove!
  8. The mink is dreamy - however, I never would have bought it had it not gone on sale. The quality is no better than most other minks, and it certainly was not a 10k mink to start with KWIM? :smile:
  9. Yup! It was a great find for you
  10. My mom would only agree that Chanel makes th best jackets cause she is into them.
  11. Hermes RTW does not suit me at all. I've never bought any except for some t-shirts and shoes. You can find some nice leather jacket designs sometimes.
  12. I personally don't like most of the RTW from Hermes. The men's RTW just doesn't seem to have the character that the leather accessories and bags have. And the fit doesn't seem to be right either. :nogood:

    I will stick to Thomas Pink for shirts and Hugo Boss for jackets/coats. (and a million other brands for other things :P)
  13. my sister did receive a beautiful (current season) lightweight wool (or cashmere???) shirt in a classic/gorgeous pattern. it was a b'day gift from her ex-husband (they're on good terms and actually work together!) and it cost something ridiculous like well over $2000. It's hard for me to imagine who actually buys/wears their clothes at full price particularly. There are a few exceptions of course, but most of their designs are fairly staid. Well I suppose they make them that way cuz someone's buying them! Funny that we run into few fans here though... Perhaps this thread hasn't gone on long enough, but i mean, aren't we their dream demographic? Guess I'm off on this one :rolleyes:
  14. Hermes RTW doesn't suit me. In fact, I've never bought a single piece (scarves don't count, right?) Just not my style.
  15. Seraphin is one of the manufacturers of H leather rtw.