Are Hermes Bags Always Stamped.

  1. Have Hermes bags always been stamped "HERMES PARIS".
    Are there any (particularly vintage circa 1970/80s) that were not stamped ???:confused1:
  2. I have a couple of Trim bags that are not stamped Hermes, but do have the year and blind stamp.
  3. I have a garden party tote that is not stamped, and I can't seem to find the stamp on my Medor pochette (someone please enlighten me if you know where it is!)
  4. On occasion, a bag or two gets past quality control.
  5. they often hide them well..............for example in the bearn wallet its inside the zipped pocket on the inside "wall" of the pocket
  6. interesting......i always thought all H bags were stamped.
  7. I've had Birkins and Kellys missing the year stamp. I asked Claude about it once and he just kind of shrugged his shoulders and said it happens sometimes, and it was really of no importance. The bag was important and not the stamp.
  8. HG, any idea where it could be on my Medor pochette? Not too many places to look...and I can't find it. It doesn't bother me, I am just curious.
  9. Mine was along the rim. Easy to find. Check inside your pocket though.
  10. ^^thanks, will look yet again...i was practically turning it inside out, checking the underside of the leather band with the studs...!
  11. I have a GPT which has no stamp on it either.
  12. Hermesaholic, my Bearn wallet is stamped in silver "Hermes Paris" on the centre of the top bill slot.
    Is there supposed to be a year stamp also?
    I have nothing that I can see in the zippered compartment?
  13. my Kelly has a messy stamp like it was burned on and I can't really make out the letter. Talk about quality control.
  14. duchessofs, for Bearn, unzip the coin compartment.
    Look at the inside of the fold, sometimes the year stamp is faint ... the craftman is alphabet & numbers..saw it?!
  15. ... it is always like a treasure hunt for me...

    even the small accessories like karo, coin purse, card case has the 'stamp' identification.