Are Hayden Hartnett Bags....

  1. relatively lightweight, or are they heavy like the Coach leather?
  2. i have a few and they are super lightweight -- havana, lorca, mercer clutch....some of the other leathers (for ex, the gaza collection) look a little heavier to me, but for the most part I think they are really light!
  3. I think it really depends on the style. I have a Hayden Hartnett Inka. Compare with the Coach bag I had before, it is a little bit lighter than Coach in the same size. Hayden Hartnett has large size bags, such as Hudson. Hudson is big, and I believe it is heavier than Inka.
  4. All of mine are super light (Mercer clutch, Havana Hobo, Suki Ladybag). I can't speak for the styles that have loads of grommets and studs.
  5. Most HH bags are very light, especially when you compare them to Coach bags of the same size. The leather's also much softer and less stiff than Coach.
  6. I have the Ana, and it is really light!
  7. which bag are you wondering about?

    i have (or have carried) the Suki, Nico XX (feather light!), Ana, and Mercer triple C satchel, and they are all very much lighter than similarly sized Coach counterparts, and surprisingly light given their size. The Beatrice is the heaviest HH i've carried (prob. due to size and the hardware). I have a Nomade Hobo that is made of a thicker leather than my other HH's and it's heavier, but not unbearably so - probably due to the lack of hardware. The Gaza Satchel may look heavy, but it's truly not - also the straps are v. comfortable IMO so even if you loaded it up with a laptop, it wouldn't be an issue. The Gaza doesn't have much hardware, and it's a leather somewhere between the Ana and the Nomade in terms of thickness.
  8. I LOVE my Hayden bag, I am a big fan of big bags, so weight never really bothered me, but my Gaza satchel isnot that heavy at all. It also depends on what you stuff in there!!

  9. I consider them relatively light for leather bags. They generally don't sport a lot of metal hardware that adds weight.
  10. They are lightweight, but not in a "cheap" way.

    I have the Havana Hobo and the giant MOSA hobo.

    The Havana is as light as silk and leather is TDF.

    The MOSA probably weighs around 7 ounces? I add the question mark because I'm holding a 7-oz. jar of cold cream and I don't think the hobo weighs more than that.It has a lot of studs but, the larger studs are hollow and I suspect the others are, too.

    My coworker has the Nomade, and it's not heavy, either.

    I don't think anything is as heavy as the Chloe paddy.
  11. I have the hudson satchel and it is not heavy at all. The nomade drawstring is also light..
    Both are very comfortable to carry around...:tup: