Are 'H' cube earrings difficult to wear?

  1. I really like the H cube earrings, i saw it on a stewardess on a flight i was on and it looked very nice on her.

    I am however concerned about it's shape and whether it's actually uncomfortable to wear. is it heavy, will it make your ears droop, is it very bulky...

    can anyone shed some light?

    thank you!

    a picture i took off eBay
  2. hi wannabelyn !
    i love these earrings too ! I have one pair, and i dont find it too big on me. It's sure to stand out on your earlobes due to it's shape. But i dont find it too bulky nor uncomfortable.

    I do find that my ears are slightly sensitive to the palladium. So if i leave them on for one whole day, it'd start to itch :sad:
    (i do have a history of being allergic to silver and nickel)
    Hope this helps !!
  3. wannabelyn--They're cute. :smile: Certain styles of earrings can droop on me. You can buy those circular earring backs which are supposed to stop the drooping effect.
  4. I have them and I absolutely love 'em!
  5. I love them. Do they have them in the stores?
  6. they are so cute. anyone know who much they retail for?
    and do they come in other colours, i think they would look nice in blue
  7. I love them and have been meaning to get them. Didn´t even think about the droop factor but that could very well happen.
  8. I recently purchased these earrings in white, I find them light in weight and the closing has a special circular clasp

    I also got the matching ring

    and yes they have so many other colors to choose from

    the price I believe was $250.

    I will post pictures tonight
  9. is it me or is the 'instant email notification' not working
    i was surprised no one responded until i did a search for it :confused1:

    anyway back to the responses.

    I am surprised to hear it is light weight!

    Barbiedoll: a modelling pic would be so good! as i was also thinking about white.

    toscaong: my ears have the problem too!
    i cannot wear costume jewellery for too long! i've always had that problem since i was young. it's much better now but when i was a kid it used to get infected very very often. only jewellery i could wear was gold or the big ugly ones u get when u pierce your ears.
    what colour did you get?
  10. Could anyone tell whether the H cube earrings are classic style of H? My sis bought them many months before and now I want a pair for myself. It's so nice in person.

    One more question! any other style of H earrings would you recommend A MUST?
  11. I want these cubes too. Please share yours if you get them!
  12. can someone please post another pic - the one posted is not showing for me :smile:
  13. I just saw them in my Hermes boutique, was so tempted get the pink ones! So adorable and really cute. They are probably the sort that you can wear daily and not worry about it.
  14. Ohh Sorry ladies, just read this thread again since reading it last year... I will post a pic tonight
  15. couturecreature, what combination of pink did u see, dear? Gold or Silver? My local H does have many colors including Shocking Pink but in Silver....I'm looking for Gold, though.

    I got confirmed that H cube is classic H item!!!!