Are Guys Who Want To Dress In Womens Clothing Weird???

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  1. First off id like to say i am in this area myself. I wish to buy a couple of items of womens clothing, altho not skirts for me, more like outer wear like Jackets and Coats like Canada Goose and Moncler style.

    But are guys who want to wear womens garments weird???
  2. Yes. Sorry.
  3. Depends on the specific article of clothing. I've worn womens scarves before, but that's pretty much it :lol:

    Just don't get into womens footwear, hosiery, swimwear, lingerie or camisoles and blouses and you should be fine :smile:
  4. not if it's only underwear
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    A guy works as a lady, all dressed up at a Banana Republic nearby. He is always very nicely dressed. On the surface, it's odd, but he's a really nice guy and always very helpful, so I'm torn.

    On nights when they play Rocky Horror at the local theater, it's plain funny and amusing! They're fierce!
  6. i try to keep an open mind.

    it's a bit weird to me but so long as you are happy.
    perhaps just tone it down so you don't freak people out.
  7. How much aggravation can you take on in terms of public response? Do you feel weird? Do your choices draw attention to you in ways you don't want? Do you live in a community that tolerates this kind of display?

    It's not easy to cross expectations, but people do it. Sometimes at personal cost.
  8. No. I have some male friends who dress in women's clothes, shoes and wear make up out in public. One of them happens to be my hairstylist too. And I live in a very conservative town.
  9. No I don't think it is weird, I think it is fine and cool. I wear a lot of men's clothes.
  10. That's called transvestism.
    If it's done to deceive (to appear to be what you are not),
    then yes, it's weird.
  11. agreed
  12. I guess it depends on the amount of women's clothing you are wearing. Are you wearing it because it fits better? Because you like dressing like a woman? Because it arouses you?

    I try to keep an open mind about things like these. As long as you are happy with who you are and what you are doing that's the only thing that matters.
  13. A lot of fashion guys do it - if you're very slight-framed or have a more androgynous style and the women's clothes fit you better, go for it. I knew a lot of guys in high school who were in punk bands who wore women's pants because they didn't make men's jeans with skinny legs like they wanted. They were certainly masculine guys, they just wanted their pants a certain way.

    There are many different ways to dress in women's clothes, and I also think that people will perceive the action differently if you're straight instead of gay and if you're trying to "pass" for a woman or not. I would never think twice about a gay guy being flamboyant and dressing however he wanted, but I think the perception is different with a straight guy and he's dressing up as a woman to achieve a level of sexual satisfaction or something. People tend to find that a little creepy.

    I had an ex-boyfriend who was as stereotypically masculine as they come, and after being in that relationship for a while he confessed to me that he liked to dress up as a woman because he found it sexually exciting. I consider myself very liberal and open-minded, but that fetish was a dealbreaker for me. I couldn't deal with it in my relationship, and I found it very weird.

    That doesn't sound like what you're asking, though. If you like a woman's jacket or if it fits you better or whatever, go for it. Certain people can pull it off better than others (look at Bryan Boy, for instance), but there's no harm in trying it out.
  14. Yes it's weird. But sometimes I wear boys clothing so meh what do I know. :shrugs:

  15. No. Not all. It's a coat. if you like it and it looks good on you, buy it. It's your money, your style, your body.

    And what is the big deal if a man wears women's clothing or vice versa? It's just clothes. Saying that certain clothes are for "women" or for "men" leads to gender stereotyping. First of all, gender is a socially constructed are our perceptions of women's clothing vs. mens clothing. Second of all, why do men and women have to dress a certain way (i.e. wearing certain things and avoiding other types of clothing) to be accepted in society? Saying that a man can't wear a woman's coat is like saying that little boys can't play with Barbie dolls. Gender roles (that is, if you subscribe to either gender) don't have to be this strict. Life is too short to place ourselves into neat little boxes and live our lives by pre-determined social rules.

    Do what makes you happy. Good luck in your clothing search, OP.